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How often do you back up your database?

For us, we've only ever needed to use a database backup twice in our history, but you can never be too safe. Even losing a week's worth of content would be disappointing. I used to do monthly backups, but I now do them pretty much twice a week. File backups are usually once every six months (they don't change very much at all). 

How often is pretty much acceptable to do a database backup? Have you ever had to use one before? Curious as to what other site owners and administrators use as their general schedule for these.

I do them daily, then keep 10 days worth on hand, with once per month in 'cold storage' just in case.

Never can be too careful.
Speak of the devil, we had to restore one tonight. We were very lucky in that the backup was only two hours old. The remaining posts were manually restored, but I'm very glad we were lucky in that the routine backup was very recent.

As you say, you can never be too careful.  Bigeyes Nervous

Wow, perfect timing for the backup though. 2 hours is a pretty good recovery point.
Automatically once a week but when I make a mayor change always a manual backup.
(March 28th, 2020 at 6:28 PM)Plushy Wrote: Automatically once a week but when I make a mayor change always a manual backup.

Do you do host backups as well, or just use MyBB's functionality? Considering setting up something off-site, but I'm not sure what the general best practice is for other forum owners.


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