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[US] Cell Provider

My WiFi has been in the dumps the past couple of weeks. Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve been at a loss here. Everyone being on lockdown has stressed the network out severely. 

And yet my internet is better than ever on cell. Unfortunately, I only get 8GB if it. 

And so I’m now asking if anyone knows of a good plan that’s prepaid and has some more data on it. I’m aware of some fantastic deals on unlimited prepaid plans, but they don’t have hotspot data. I don’t want to use Sprint because it barely works here. Everyone else? Well, a deal is a deal. Finna

What are you guys using right now in terms of cell service? How is it holding up in your neck of the woods?

AT&T, and so far so good though I'm paying for unlimited talk, text, and data.

it's enough to stream on though.
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I'm on AT&T Prepaid myself. It's working like a charm, so long as I don't churn through my data.

I wish they had a prepaid option WITH hotspot data that had about 15GB of data instead. I'd use it in a heartbeat. Was thinking about using T-mobile instead, but it doesn't work out where family lives, and I visit there occasionally.

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Verizon. Its doing fine here. I haven't noticed anything abnormal with it or the wifi, but I've been home as much as possible and don't use it much when I'm at work. If anything, I image people being hooked up to wiffi at home is lessening the load for cell towers, should be faster for everyone else.
That's what I've noticed too it seems. AT&T is usually not very fast in my town (not slow by any means, but much slower than T-Mobile was). Now, it's blazing fast. Almost ridiculous how fast it is.

Might think about switching to Verizon if they can give more data.

AT&T tried to send me to collections on a prepaid account today. They are not supposed to do that. No idea why they thought they could try that.

They said there was an issue with my payment going through and the check bounced, on autopay. They NEVER notified me of this ever. Not once. I never heard about it. My phone apparently was on a whole month after that. My phone stopped working a couple days ago, and they wouldn't let me renew it would speaking to their "collections" department. They charged me two fees totalling $50 on top of the regular service.

They should have waived that being that they never notified me of anything. Gotta love customer service. I got it back online, but that was a frustrating experience.

The whole point of using prepaid is to avoid situations like this.

That sucks ಠ︵ಠ, honestly Darth you don't need to take that crap from them, I think there's legal protections against that.
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(March 31st, 2020 at 12:23 PM)Darth-Apple Wrote: The whole point of using prepaid is to avoid situations like this.

Yeah.... that doesn't sound right. Unless they're changing business practices to milk more people. Undecided
Out of curiosity, how expensive are phone plans in the US?

I'm currently getting 8GB data, unlimited calls, texts and social media data (Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp etc.) for £10/month in UK. Planning to switch soon because one of my provider's competitors is doing 30GB for the same price.
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That's extremely cheap compared to ours. If I recall, that's about $12 USD or so. I get 8GB for about $45, and that's one of the cheapest plans available. (Actually, there are cheaper ones, but they are horribly unreliable).

There are some places where it's more expensive than ours. We hear that Canada's is more expensive than the US.

Oh jeez, mine's about $120 a month for 8 GB. WTH, I need to look into a new plan.
Oh wow, that's mental. We've had a surge of MVNOs sprouting up recently here more focused towards a younger audience and their offerings are great. The one I'm on is Voxi which is a child of Vodafone so you get their coverage but for a lot less cost.
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I use AT&T and absolutely love them.
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I have AT&T and personally haven't had any issues; but I still hate them. And all the big telecoms.
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