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Cities Skylines Sunset Harbor

Cities Skylines is releasing a new expansion pack next week. This one will have a lot of addons related to health, water treatment, beaches, and so forth, but most notably, it's going to have above-ground metros for the first time in the game's history. 

I'm beyond excited about this one. I can't even begin to describe how many times I have had trouble getting subways through deep rivers, only to end up splitting the network into two separate networks. It will also allow me to build above-ground rails without resorting to passenger trains or monorails (which aren't generally very effective in the game for some odd reason or another). 

See more information here: - Our next project...
Recreational flying!

PDX usually wears me out with their expansions, but for Cities: Skylines, I'm usually excited. This will be another great one!
They do have a habit of doing quite a few of these. Most of them aren't really worth getting IMHO, but some of them are very good. This one is looking like one of those. Big Grin - Our next project...
Sunset Harbor is out now.
I don't know enough about it yet to know if I'm going to get it.
I agree with darth apple that most cities skylines dlc isn't worth getting. I've been very selective with which ones I get and I haven't always been pleased with what I got.
I haven't played the game in almost a year. Until then I spent about 3 months playing quite often and building up one of my cities. I got tired of the work that needs to go into a city. The piddly detail work that is. I like piddly little detail work. At work. At leisure, not so much. Leisure should be fun. Games should be fun and enjoyable. Too much little piddly detail work saps that enjoyment from me.
But, I have been wanting to play skylines again, so maybe Sunset Harbor is just the impetus I need to do so.
Still haven't decided if I'll get it. But I probably will.
I'll let you know how that turns out.
Cities skylines is like that. I much agree with you there. I can build a big city quickly, but to make it look good, there is so much work involved in every tiny thing. In SC4, it would generate the highway exits for you. In skylines, you have to build out every little detail. The zones are incredibly detailed in how you take care of them. There's no medium density (a mistake in my opinion, although you can do it with the high rise ban), and so forth.

Cities Skylines is just... I think it seeks to be different than SC4 in some ways. They wanted to do something a little different and new. It's fun when you embrace the details, but it takes a LONG, LONG time to build a large city on it. I wish there were ways that it was easier. I agree with you there.

Let us know how the DLC is! I'll be buying it in May once I get through some stuff in RL first. Good to see you, as always! Smile - Our next project...
Make sure all the mods you have are updated before you open a city in Cities:Skylines. I foolishly thought they'd all be updated by now. Silly me.
Some error box popped up in my city and the box would not close. And I couldn't interact with the city then. Including opening the menu so i could shut down the d*** thing.
I am not happy. First time to play in almost a year. I was excited. I am not excited anymore.
Still haven't gotten Sunset Harbor. Not sure if I'm going to now. At least for a while anyway.
I had the exact same thing happen to me a few hours ago. it was Traffic Manager that caused it. Somene re-uploaded a new version, hence it doesn't auto-update, as you say. Broke my city until I fixed that.

Glad you mentioned that. It's going to affect a lot of people, pretty serious bug on their part. - Our next project...

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