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The next best thing

I have always been somewhat of an ambitious achiever in life. I set lofty goals for myself, then fall hard when I can't achieve what I thought would be so simple. Life proves itself, over and over, to be much harder. than it would otherwise seem. 

Having passion for what you do is the single most important factor towards your success. But if my life hasn't taught me this by now, this year sure has. There is no golden chariot at the end of the race. There is no sky-high, lofty goal that will make you happy when nothing else does. 

Don't focus on what your dreams would be. Don't live your life in a fantasy land. Live your life here, in the moment, and do the next best thing. Because one thing leads to another, which leads to another, and slowly you work towards your dreams one bit at a time. Smile
I don't set goals for myself, but that doesn't keep me from moving forward. In interviews, it seems to turn some employers off, others find it interesting the way I turn it.

Hasn't hurt me too much so far.
The problem with setting too many goals is that you start to focus on the goals and ignore the signs that you might need to change directions. Being narrow minded on a goal is not a bad thing, but there comes a point when you have to come to terms with it and say, hey, I'm doing well here, but it's breaking my back. Let me follow my heart and live in the moment instead and see how it goes.

I do think that goals are great. Just so long as they are honest, achievable ones. Finna
I always had high goals and achieved many, my problem is, I don't give up until I reach the goal, my youngest son is 5 years old and autistic, he showed me what is important in life! He has a typical autism, he is very intelligent, he can speak more, everything he hears he speaks according to ... German English Spanish etc., he cannot speak, he cannot give a dialog, he cannot give answers, I do not know if my translation is understandable. He can calculate numbers up to x1000, but if you ask him something you won't get an answer because he doesn't understand the simplest question. my resume, live your life as best as possible and today, because tomorrow everything can look different and be over. I ended all my hobbies for my son, I was a passionate motocross rider, motorcycle rider Superbike, and more, but ben, my son's name, leaves me with no free time.

lg Tc
Autism is something that runs deeply within my family. I have a trace of it myself.

I can asure you that your son will absolutely appreciate everything that you are doing! You've caught it young, which can make a huge difference!
(March 20th, 2020 at 11:40 PM)Darth-Apple Wrote: I can asure you that your son will absolutely appreciate everything that you are doing! You've caught it young, which can make a huge difference!

This. The more you can do to assist what development you can, he will be lightyears ahead of where he could have been. I've seen well attended autism cases where the individual goes on to be able to function ENOUGH to operate in the real world with minimal assistance. I've also seen others that weren't attended to as well that struggle with most things.

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