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[Music] Should you be able to hear the bass?

I grew up listening to bands like Rush, Triump, and so forth. Progressive rock was always a huge influence for me. In most of these bands, the bass plays a very predominent role and is extremely forthcoming in the mix. This contrasts heavily with more pop-oriented music where the bass guitar is taking a back seat, staying out of the way of the more predominent instruments. 

My personal feeling is that it's a waste if the bass guitar isn't being used to its full potential. It's an awesome instrument (and also is my favorite instrument to play). Guitarists tend to play it like a guitar, which isn't quite the way to go about it. Yes, chords are neat, but use them well. Use them like a bass player, play on the on-beat instead of the offbeat, and use it to fill some sonic space that would otherwise have to be filled by other instruments. 

And of course, if you have a JBL speaker (those of you who do, you know what I mean), the low end frequencies sound fantastic. Music takes a whole new meaning with a good sound system. - Our next project...
I'll keep the bass thanks.

As long as it's not like Metallica's producers who went and downmixed the bass until you couldn't hear it... Finna - Our next project...
as someone who plays bass, and guitar, I completely agree darth.

then again, I've been known to adlib bass when playing with other people using a mixture of both.

sometimes though chords sound great on bass.
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I love chords on bass (as long as they are played on the on-beat instead of the off-beat). That's the biggest mistake I hear guitar players make on a bass. They play everything on the off-beat, while the drums are doing everything on the on-beat.

The bass is such a beautiful instrument. Power cords sound great on a bass, and I wish more players used them. - Our next project...

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