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Stock market

I'm just glad that the rate of spread is next-to-none now in my area.
We went from 1 to 21 cases in the span of two weeks or so, yes, but we went from 20 to 21 over the last week alone. Seems this social distancing thing is working wonders, it's almost a standstill.

My dad keeps going off about how we're all going to die because out of the 1000 cases in Canada or whatever, 14 have recovered and 12 have died, which looks like a terrible recovery rate, except he completely overlooked the fact that it's only been in Canada for less than a month and recovery takes a lot longer than death. Not to mention every single person who died so far was either over the age of 70 or had Cancer or something. Literally no death chance yet if you aren't geriatric or have a MAJOR underlying problem.

I gotta order him some valium from the UK or something. His paranoia and panic is getting worse and worse these days, and I s2g it's gonna spread to the rest of us if we're locked in here altogether.
My family is much the same. I called them last night. They’re all sick. They don’t get vaccinated for the flu, so there is a good chance that’s what we are looking at here.

New York City is about to close the floor on the stock exchange from how it sounds. Honestly for something as contagious as this, they’re doing a good job containing it. It’s going to spread and that’s unavoidable, but it hasn’t been nearly as fast as it could be.

Glad your area is doing well.


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