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Elizabeth Warren Drops out of the Race


I don’t usually keep up with the primaries too terribly closely. However, this time, I’ve been keeping up with some of them. It’s looking very quickly like Biden and Sanders are going to be head to head in the coming months. 

Sanders, incidentally, has had more support than anyone else on campus. There has been very significant support for him by student associations around here. 

I’m personally midline between conservative and liberal. I’ve voted for candidates on both sides, so I wind up keeping up with both democratic and republican conventions. What are your thoughts on the democratic debates as of this far?

I'm pretty far right leaning since my family grew up primarily in the Eastern Bloc (Poland) or under all sorts of oppression Ireland, tiocfaidh ár lá,) but I'm pretty liberal in my beliefs such as how we should decriminalize just about everything and taxation is theft in most cases. I mean, the government makes criminals with laws, then arrests the criminals, even the petty ones like weed dealers and locks them up with unjust sentences which then costs taxpayers more money than simply rehabilitating them. h***, I'm Canadian and it still happens here, maybe less than in America because the population is so docile, but also we have like a third of the American population or something.

That being said, since I'm technically in an arts program and I write papers for people, I do lots of research on sociological and political topics so I have a really good understanding of leftist theories such as communism and postmodernism (even though theyre hardly compatible, despite what Jordan Peterson claims.) is actually a great repository of communist writings and the 11 theses which people generally don't know about sum up what communism is about (hint: it has very very little to do about money or the economy.)

If I had to choose a candidate, it would be Bernie. He may be a bit of a hypocrite for owning five multimillion properties, and he really dug himself into a hole with the whole "castro had a literacy program!" thing, but overall his policies do make sense and although taxes would go up, it would be for a good cause, especially for students and those without affordable access to medical services.

Take Denmark for example, they win nearly every year for the Happiest Population worldwide because they get free education and healthcare, and the unemployment rate is very low. Their income tax is nearly a whopping 50% on average, but it does go towards a good cause and the population in general sees the benefits. I believe every year around tax season they also receive a pie chart showing where their individual taxes go towards, so there's also a good deal of transparency (citation needed, could be Norway or another northern european country, my memory escapes me.)

Unfortunately, North American countries are still fundamentally ultracapitalist with firm beliefs in meritocracy which leads to too much corruption. Transparency is almost extant unless you already have proof of something existing, and even then it's hard to get your hands on the documents themselves. I reckon that's why Trump has such a high popular vote, not because of his policies but rather because of the promise of draining the swamp. To a degree, he did do just that, exposing MSM for their lies and coining up the term 'fake news' which although people use ironically, is still just that. But, the corruption is still rather deep-rooted in the branches of government and the Epstein case is proving that as well. DNC is getting exposed for all sorts of unethical practices and just continues falling every time they call for impeachment without having any proof, hoping that they could come up with something in the time until the trial.

So although I do strongly support Bernie's politics and policies, I doubt the policies would actually work in North America. I mean, it hardly works in Canada too. Overcrowded schools and hospitals despite lots of subsidizing. Stuff like liposuctions for obese f*** gets subsidized by most provincial policies for healthcare while people with diabetes need to rely on other insurance to get their insulin. Only those who work for the government (or in a union under the government such as teachers and other educational workers like janitors) get insurance that actually truly covers everything up to five grand (over a year, so glasses, meds, surgeries, hearing aids, dental cleaning all fall under that 5k pool which resets around the beginning of the year.) But most of the population only gets free checkups at walk-in clinics, everything else costs. Even if the cost is way lower than America, it still costs something, which most foreigners don't seem to understand.

Now Biden, well, where do I start. All the other candidates dropping out endorse him. One of my friends subscribed me to his email list ro something as a joke back in 2016. I'm convinced he writes his own emails. It's actually somewhat horrifying, I should take some screenshots of him inviting me to dinner or what seems like hes asking for gas money from the subject line.

But why does everyone endorse him? Because he's two-faced and corrupt so he'll do the DNC's bidding.
1996: voted against gay marriage
2001: voted for the domestic antiterrorism act (later became patriot act)
2002: voted for the Iraq War
2005: voted to end bankruptcy protections for students

The list goes on. Not to mention he was likely involved with Obama's 600 drone strike in the middle east. The government keeps the war going for their own persobal benefit. Before the Iraq war vote even started, Bush called in 12 generals to get their opinions on whether the war should start. Not a single one said it was good idea. Cue Dick Cheney: go for it, lets make that money!

Now he seems to have changed literally all his stances.
Seem strange? Makes you think.

I really think the DNC is digging their own grave again. Get the candidate in that the people don't actually like, then lose the election.

The DNC: *loses 2016 election*
Also The DNC:
[Image: 4da.png]
Not surprised. She was not getting the traction at all, and now I'm thinking Biden will take it.

@Lain: Sound like a Libertarian to me! Cool
(March 5th, 2020 at 9:01 PM)Guardian Wrote: Not surprised. She was not getting the traction at all, and now I'm thinking Biden will take it.

@Lain: Sound like a Libertarian to me! Cool

To a degree, but I don't think ultracapitalism is the solution either as megacorps would then become governments which is exactly what we need to avoid.

And, well, I'm already pretty anti-(not-real-)communist so that's also out of the question.
Just let me buy an RPG7 on Amazon ffs.

I dislike corporatocracy>

but I also don't like communism.

why can't we just have a socially democratic technocracy, let the best people run stuff with a focus on the making life livable.

"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
[Image: 5.jpg]
I'm a fan of a Libertarian Mustachian community, where consumerism is frowned upon, but within that people are free to make their own life choices the way they see fit (so long as they don't infringe on the rights or property of others).
I don't think that most americans really like the idea of communism when they hear it. But if you can take a sprinkle of socialism and call it something different, it will gain a lot of support among the groups of people to where it's beneficial.

I'm a fan of calling things out for what they are. I think that politics itself has not always done a good job of this, but the American people have made up for it.

There is really no such thing as a 100% purely democratic society. I do think that, to some extent, welfare is a good thing. But this particular issue is one of the issues to which I lean more towards the conservative side on. America is in debt. We do need to be careful about how we spend money. Handing out trillions of dollars of benefits and extras is simply something that we cannot afford with where our budget is at this time.

We shall see how things play out in the coming years. Finna

Gotta love Biden not being able to pronounce his name then saying "WE CAN ONLY REELECT DONALD TRUMP!"
The dementia's really kicking in. If he doesn't have a script ready to read he can't speak. It'll be a disaster if he has to meet with any other foreign leaders.
Don't know if Trump is better than Biden at any rate, so I guess we can only hope for a Bernie win and then hope he doesn't cave from the stress of running the whole country. Look at before and after pictures of Obama's terms, went from a young-looking 40something yo to a (respectable) old(er) man over that course. I don't know if Bernie would be able to handle that kind of stress given he's 78.

Oh, and as promised: Weird emails from Biden asking me out to dinner; A Saga in Six Parts (because the last one is two emails):
[Image: eOGPwl4.png]
Yeah... I don't get how Biden has been able to get this far, and now that he has more attention on him there's more coming out that shows just how crazy he is. From telling people to Shush and calling people dog-face pony soldiers (WTF?). He's lost it.
They all have at this rate... This virus situation has not helped.

A lot of the primaries are being postponed. In all honesty, I think it's a good idea, but they are going to have to hold them at some point. we are still going to have an election this November, so in the next few months, they will have to find a way to spread out the polls enough to be able to host the votes.

Need to find a sure-fire way to hold an electronic election that's actually secure. Could be a moneymaker for someone, but of course any government contract is going to find a way to screw it, so it won't happen.

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