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Makestation Dark (Monokai)

strong one by Lain !
Sports fanatic
I've long wanted to do a dark version of the theme. I attempted it once, and it never quite worked out. Seriously, thank you for doing this.

A friend of mine (RL friend who looked over my shoulder) commented today on how good it looked. Trust me, I'm very particular when it comes to theme-related things on the site, and I'm very pleased with the way this one looks. Smile

I've made a couple more changes to the theme, after a long time of inactivity on it. Most previous issues have been fixed. Stuff like pagination that you'd see in forum-views is properly themed, as well as where an element would clip a rounded border, causing certain parts to be hidden.

Overall much more seamless. It's almost perfect, just gotta track down any last issues.
works really great, just in advance, not that you don't think I sleep not, with you z, b 00:35
Friday May 8, 2020 (GMT-4)
Time in North Carolina, USA and for me in Austria it is 06:35 am, which means that I am literally ahead of you in time Finna
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dont worry i never f*** sleep
amphetamine binges + caffeine + i cant seem to fall asleep while using kratom either
who has time to sleep when you got schoolwork AND personal projects you're working on Tongue
I've been sleeping for 4 -5 hours in 48 hours. I usually don't get more, don't need more sleep, at the moment
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