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I've long been looking for a screenshot for this. I finally found one, courtesy of JordanMussi on the MyBB community forums. Without further ado, this is how we used to look back in 2013. Finna 

[Image: FnUXjwn.png]

I miss the color scheme a little bit. I'd be willing to bring it back, but it needs some serious polish. Tongue - Our next project...
WOW! Talk about a throwback! Looks nice.
Fun to play around with
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I like the tan colors, it's very retro and an interesting change compared to the blue.

I do admit that I kinda wanna make it more wood grain and give it 70's color patterns roflol.
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[Image: 5.jpg]
I've been long thinking about refreshing our color scheme a bit. Something more along the lines of this. IIRC, we briefly had a premium theme before switching to a custom theme that was similar to what we have now.

I don't think we will end up doing any dramatic changes, simply because of how hard it is to make a theme responsive. Been working for a while on ours, and we are nowhere near complete on it. So any future themes will probably be based on what we use now.

The webarchive version that @Thomas linked to was much better than the version I had. I really liked the sideboxes. The header was ugly. The logo was ugly. The forum bit was ugly. But overall, a lot of it was actually kinda nice in a way. - Our next project...

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