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Benchmark yourself

Background, not really needed and slightly NSFW in the sense it involves drugs.

Quote:So I took an unknown pill after lots of testing and acetone washing to try and figure out what the substance was. Didn't have a Marquis test kit on hand, only Ehrlich and Ehrlich only tests for an indole group which you may find in LSD, DMT, regular Serotonin, or Melatonin, a common over-the-counter sleep aid.

My conclusion was that it was either:
2. Amphetamine
3. Methamphetamine.

I won't disclose which one it was, but it looked like an E404 without the actual lettering imprint, just the cross on one side, so probably a press of something being sold as Adderall IR to students. Needless to say, a study aid would be nice today for me to finish up some Chemistry homework and assignments because I have a midterm coming up on Monday.

So now that it's kicked in, although I don't feel any real physical mental effects, I decided to run some 'benchmarks' on myself with the help of TypeRacer and HumanBenchmark.

Try the tests here:

Reaction time:
[Image: PfjqDJm.png]
(I was getting approx. 180-185 earlier when I ran some tests with a friend.)

Typing speed:
[Image: h2NRlZo.png]
For reference, the average adult typing speed is 41WPM, and I also tested this with the friend who's not the absolutely most tech-savvy guy, but he got dead on 40WPM. Checks out.
Also note: I don't regularly touch type while staring at the screen, I look at the keyboard (but still type with 8 fingers) so I actually managed to watch the screen this time.

I do these somewhat regularly, so I already have approximate control variables to test against:
  • My average reaction time is around 210 to 220ms which is slightly above average. I used to be quite the gamer back in the day, CSGO and the likes.
  • My average typing speed sits somewhere between 70-75WPM, which is still considerably above average but nothing compared to what I was getting now.

Post results.
I was perscribed ritalin some time back. I did something similar, and saw about a 10% improvement personally.

It makes me too jittery. I might have ADHD, but there's only so much I can do about it. Finna

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