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Makestation Server

If you've had trouble with MS being much slower than usual lately, you aren't the only one. I'm afraid Makestation has finally outgrown the server that has hosted it since 2013.

I won't get into any of the technical details, but in short, our host has been migrating VPSs off of the specific product we subscribe to for years. The end result is that, while Makestation is normally fine, when other nodes don't behave, we grind to a halt. They recently downgraded our hardware (or likely migrated us to a lower-specced node), which has made problems worse.  

We will finally be upgrading our server sometime early in March. When that happens, MS will likely be down for most of the day. I will announce a date when the time comes closer, and will be paying for an upgrade to make sure that we are set for (hopefully) years to come! 

With that said, depending on if I can find a good deal, I may need to put ads up on the community temporarily until the upgrade can pay for itself. I'm extremely cash-strapped at the moment (trying to finish my degree and it hurts), but keeping MS running smoothly is important. All in all, we'll be making the website faster over the coming weeks.

I'll be announcing more details as the time comes nearer!


thanks for all the continued hard work to make this such a great site man !

also if you ever want to stop by discord to chat with some of the guys , ... a few of us still hang out there ..

If you need a url or password there, just let me know okay ?

thanks , Brian
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Thank you @Brian!

Can you message me the link? I seem to have lost it. Finna


see if this works for you-
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Thank you! I'll try to stop in at some point soon!

I've got us a new server that I'll be migrating MS to in the next couple of weeks. It's a much better server and I found a good deal on it, so we will have much more flexibility on what we do.

Also, don't forget that we have Member Only image hosting on the forums. I'm going to migrate this to the new server as well. It is much simpler than using imageshack, photobucket, etc. to host images, so if you're trying to upload images and get them in a post, check it out! I use it pretty heavily myself.

Edit: It's member-only. Guests can't see the link. So don't worry, we aren't getting flooded on it. Finna

We moved to our new server in response to the events of the previous week here. It generates pages about 3.5 times faster, so MS should be faster in response to everything. The server is in New York City, so it should be fast for North America users. How is the site loading overseas?

Also, the image hosting is currently down, but I'll be getting that back up in the coming days. The shoutbox will be returning shortly as well. Big Grin

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