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Zimmerman verdict

Do you think Zimmerman verdict was right?

I think he should have been guilty, the verdict was not right in my opinion.
Personally, while there wasn't much concrete proof, I think it's fairly obvious that Zimmerman knew what he was doing. If he's gonna follow some random stranger and kill him in the name of self defense, I think there is a problem with that. - Our next project...
Must have been intentional, especially if he was following him/her.
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Zimmerman needed to mind his own business, which he failed to do.

Guilty or not, Zimmerman's life will be a living h*** from now on.
He won't be able to go anywhere without wondering who will hate him next. That's for sure. - Our next project...
Zimmerman got into trouble again:
I feel like he knows what he is doing at this point. I know that they didn't have any specific evidence to convict him of the whole treyvon martin case, but given a track record that he has against him, I feel like it should be pretty obvious to the public at some point.

Hopefully nobody else gets killed because of "self defense" by this man. - Our next project...
If he kills another person, I expect him to get into deep trouble.

I doubt he will dodge another case.
He definitely won't dodge another case. Honestly he probably won't dodge another case even if it's something that's much smaller, such as a conviction of theft. He doesn't really have a good record at this point. - Our next project...
I think what he did was wrong, but you don't know who's going to try to kill him now. If YOU had your head smashed into a sidewalk, would you defend yourself? That prosecutor, whatsherface, she pretty much ruined this man's life. Her, and all trash like her, need to be prevented from practicing law period. Using this sort of case for political gain is sick.

Other than that he should have obeyed the 911 operator and stayed away from him. Probably should have been charged with obstruction of justice as well.
I don't feel it was outright murder, but like I said, I feel that he could have easily prevented it if he really wanted to, and that, at least to a large degree, holds him responsible as well. To me, it's equivalent to someone taking $100 from their boss, and their manager burning down their house to retaliate. It's one of those things that is (partially) justified, but could easily be prevented. I feel that the zimmerman case is the same way in a lot of aspects.

Of course this is only my opinion on the matter. Not really knowing all of the details, I can't really give any sound judgement myself. - Our next project...

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