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Drupal 8 - too resource intensive?

Drupal is a very popular and extremely powerful CMS framework that can be used to build just about anything. In fact, makestation could easily be powered by it. Unfortunately, it's neither beginner-friendly nor is it light on resource usage. Drupal 7 was quite resource intensive, and Drupal 8 won't even run on this server! Just to give you an idea, go to to see how slowly a drupal 7 website loads. Tongue

Personally, I didn't really mind how resource intensive Drupal 7 was because it was powerful enough to make up for it, but Drupal 8 having such a strict list of server requirements makes me a bit uncomfortable. What's your opinion? Should they be willing to make it more resource intensive to make it more powerful, or is it powerful enough as it is? - Our next project...

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