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USB Devices

Ah, sorry! I've always called it a data key. Dad calls it that too. You'd think he'd use the proper term since he worked in the computer world, but... nope.

USB devices... where do I start.

Plugged into my desktop right now...
my keyboard and trackball mouse
the touchscreen portion of my monitor
4 port USB hub
another USB hub with SD card reader function
Oculus rift DK2 VR headset (uses USB for data and power, HDMI for video)
the leap motion 10 finger hand tracking and gesture control device.
my wacom tablet
ps3 controller
ps4 controller
Xbox 360 wireless controller receiver
a custom Original Xbox to usb adapter that I plug that controller into (made it myself).
a couple flash drives, one 23gb one 128gb.
a flatbed scanner
USB 720p webcam.
Nikon HD camcorder.
USB surround sound virtual soundcard for my gaming headset.
an MP3 player
Bluetooth adapter.

that's all I can think of that's visual.

everything else is either Parallel port, Serial port (not Universal Serial Bus), or connected to dedicated add in cards including fire wire.

and yeah I know that's a lot... my computer looks like some sort of non euclidian monster with wires, cables, and all sorts of stuff coming out of it/off of it... organized but somewhat organic with wires reaching across the room lol.
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