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What videogame types do you like?

What kind of video games do you like?

I like simulation games, and any action game that has to do with mecha/robots/cyborgs or anything like that. Tongue
Simulation games are definitely my forte. I've always loved games like Simcity, etc... because they teach you a lot about the real world. - Our next project...
I play historical grand strategies (Europa Universalis...), and FPS's like TF2. Used to play SimCity a lot.
I mod Paradox games. Click here to see my many adventures in doing that.

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I like to play online game and Vegas Pool Sharks is an impressive and one of my favorite Java mobile game this game pits you against four different AI opponents, each with varying levels of skill.
I mostly play First Person Shooters and Simulation games, but I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on Grand Theft Auto V. Just sorta waiting for the price to drop.
(September 19th, 2013 at 8:10 AM)AtlasWest Wrote: I mostly play First Person Shooters and Simulation games, but I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on Grand Theft Auto V. Just sorta waiting for the price to drop.

I love simulation games as well. The pricing of games lately has prevented me from playing them as much. I can't afford to drop a ton of money on games all the time. Tongue

I'm surprised at how some of the older classics are still popular though. Big Grin - Our next project...
PS3 I like racing and fighting games. PC I like MMOs, racing, FPS, TPS, and simulations.
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I've started getting into MOBA's, but for the most part real-time action/adventure games are my favorite. I will play some strategy fighting games, but it's kind of hard to kick old pokemon habits. Come to think of it though, lately I've strictly been playing fighting and FPS games.
I prefer faster paced games myself, although some strategy games and math games are fun. 2048 is something I've found to be fun lately. - Our next project...
RPGs forever and always. I love a video game with a good plot like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Assassin's Creed... Those are my go-to games most of the time. Though I'm in the middle of a playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas at the moment, so that's been my current plate. And my husband and I just beat Gears of War 2.
Definitely sim-games, SimCity, The Sims, CitiesXL and so on.
Also some other sim-styled games like various "tycoon" games and CapitalismII as well.
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I like strategy and fighting games. Especially stealth-oriented strategy games.
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I like games where I have the option of doing whatever I'd like... I'm not sure what genre that would be. (example: the Sims/GTA)

Not really a fan of shooting games or strategic multi-player games.
I like simulations and strategy games Smile like SimCity and Pikmin.
I like shooters, RPG, action, and sandbox/open world games.

I've tried experimenting with JRPG and strategy but I am too dumb to really enjoy them.
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I personally like the following.

2D Platformers
3D Platformers
Puzzle variants of the above
Simulation games
Strategy games, Esp 4X, RTS, and Civ type strategy games.
VR games
open world RPG games.
RPG's in general.
and Sci-Fi FPS games like Halo.

also retro games and consoles featuring the above lol.

and arcade games when I come across them in the wild... because who wouldn't want the high score on asteroids or pacman?
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third person, open world games.. combat/stealth/action type games. no fighting -if i can avoid mashing the buttons.. innocent killing of civilians (GTA5) (hitman)

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