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Building on a single tile...

I saw some youtubers had attempted this, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I'll be posting some pictures tomorrow (once I have my other PC with the screenshots fired up), but I have a feeling I've completely maxed out the city. I hit about 44K and it won't go one bit higher. 

Granted, the tile I chose had about 82% land available. Had I chosen a tile with closer to 90-95% (leaving just enough room for water pumps/sewage drains), I might have been able to break the 50K barrier. I also made the mistake of building an auxiliary highway through the city, and made some strange road choices, which didn't help my case too much as far as having the optimum land availability. 

In general, my cities end up spanning at least 5 tiles once I truly get them going. Challenging yourself to one tile definitely makes for an interesting time trying to maximize land potential. 

How quickly do you buy new tiles in the game? Do you generally make use of the tiles you have first, or build more spread out regions with space between individual districts/neighborhoods?

cities skylines?

I usually just stick to one tile because I'm always trying to make hyperdense urban arcologies but unfortunately I reach some kinda hard limit after a while and am forced to expand outward with suburbs due to the missing ability to stack buildings.
with unlimited funds and the ability to stack vertically it could be done maybe... but I've yet to see that in CS yet.

in SC2016 one of the things I actually exerimented with was using the futuristic city expansion to fill an entire area with arcologies.
it was interesting but I still ran into limitations even if they were expanded.

in other words, the limit is how much you can pack into horrizontal space.

I want the ability to expand vertically within that horizontal space beyond the normal sky scrapers.
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
[Image: 5.jpg]
It's not easy in the game. There's only so much you can put into a single tile.

If we had region play, as in SC4, it'd be quite a bit easier. You could throw all your jobs on the outside and put all of the residential in the inner city. Finna

Now, there's a -- erm... -- CRD - central residential district? LOL.

@ darth, ah but with NAM and those expanded building mods in SC4 you can get REALLY dense regions that way Tongue with entire blocks filled with 50 floor sky scrapers... it's part of why I was excited for multi layer roads in NAM, which I had been asking for a few years at the time... multi-deck transit systems just add to the whole Cyberpunk feel of it... even if it is severely limited in how it connects
-1 - Subway/URail
1 - Ave
2 - monorail or el rail
3 - Hwy
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
[Image: 5.jpg]
See the problem with those pieces is figuring out how to use them. The puzzle pieces in RHW drove me up a wall... Finna

Makes you so much more proud once it's all finished though. Tongue


I always loved the idea of a city with multiple levels.

Coruscant is kinda awesome this way.

I even built one in minecraft once...

but the idea of building up instead of out has a lot of merit if the resources, production, and work is there for the residents.

building on a single tile is similar to building a skyscraper city in that you're building a city that's 99% Z axis and 1 % X and Y axis.

no W axis though... only time lords can do that lol. (bigger on the inside joke).

it's hard when city games only focus on cities that build out instead of up.

Visually, did you ever use the Sky bridge mod in sc4?

it doesn't actually work but it sure looks cool and fits a dense skyscraper city.
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
[Image: 5.jpg]
Never did to be honest. Back when I played SC4, I had a toaster for a computer that could barely handle the base game, much less the mods that accompany it.

I like the idea of building more dense urban areas. I don't see modern cities really getting much more dense than they already are, however. I think that in the future, we'll see more efficient use of land for farming, among other things, but there is a point where there are diminishing returns for large cities in building higher. New York City has more or less maxed itself out. The trend is more or less to build out, not higher, and I don't see that really changing in our lifetimes.

unfortunately yeah Sad

this is the first thing I think of when you say 1 tile city

[Image: Sim-City-scep1_launch_02_greedcity.jpg]
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
[Image: 5.jpg]
I usually create cities that sprawl. You're making me want to try a dense one for a change. Tongue
They do have their own charm... And with mods you can totally make minority report like vertical roads for level changes lol.
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
[Image: 5.jpg]

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