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Do you think there will be world war 3 very soon?

I think we are about to see a world war 3, I think it will happen in the next 50 years.

I hope it does not happen, but I have a feeling it is very near.

Discuss here.
I honestly would not be surprised. I think it will likely be worse than ever with the nuclear bomb as well. The whole situation between north Korea, Afghanistan, and the United States is not likely to really be improving any time soon the way it has been going so far. Tongue - Our next project...
50 years is a pretty huge timeframe. I'd say probably 10 years, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a major world catastrophe (economically or otherwise) within the next 5 years. And if the U.S. were to launch a nuke, it'd mean very bad news for the rest of the world outside of the place which we were to have nuked.
And the US debt crisis isn't really helping either haha. - Our next project...
If we keep on having trigger-happy presidents it will.
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We will. This nation simply can't keep its nose out of other countries and leave them be is my opinion.
If the world war 3 happens, I will probably move to North Pole or Antarctica. I doubt they will fight around those two places.
Probably not haha. - Our next project...

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