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MyBB vs SMF - the debate begins!

As most of you guys probably know, Makestation just recently converted to MyBB, for various reasons. MyBB has met our needs much better for the community, but there are still some areas where SMF has the advantage.

So the debate begins now. Be sure to vote in the poll!
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This isn't even a debate, MyBB just wins Tongue.

But, really, SMF is old and clunky and the ACP is terrible. So MyBB wins.
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Well SMF does have a giant user community, and thus has a large database of plugins and themes. That is its primary advantage, but it has no real benefit to me whatsoever. MyBB wins in most other areas haha.
Saturn-Moon.com - Our next project...
I believe MyBB is better, although I am currently using SMF.

I am thinking of switching to MyBB or Vbulletin.
I prefer MyBB to SMF for theme development. Much more powerful, I feel.
And easier, too.
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Designing themes for SMF is a real pain haha. I tried doing that for the previous incarnation of makestation, and I spent much more time on something that wasn't nearly as good. Plugin development is also a real pain from what I can tell.

MyBB definitely does take the lead with the ability to customize it. That's for sure.
Saturn-Moon.com - Our next project...
Depends. Both are good but I prefer myBB.

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