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[Project Journal] The Karatlev Region

Thank you to all who commented, I really appreciate it!

Today I don't have a full update, but, I did just reach a milestone that I think is the first time I have ever reached 100,000 sims in a single tile! Chinauk has reached that milestone, I'm expecting it when fully grown to be between 120,000 and 140,000 sims now.

[Image: index.php?action=dlattach;topic=426.0;at...6921;image]
Congrats on the milestone. That's a nice looking neighborhood!
Nice! I looks like you've built out most of the tile and you're using low density well. I like that you haven't rushed to using high density right at the beginning.
I mostly put SC4 down for the past few years, but I've picked it back up again a bit recently. Today I am both showing off this image of the new farm tile Chondl (built this month) as well as a question for brian, or whoever else might know what's going on with the region view.

Chondl town overview...
[Image: Chondl-Jan._15_091644713056.png]

I have had a problem for a while in the region view where when I save tiles where I have built only one type of transport network since the last time it was saved, all of the road networks turn black in transportation view. Does anyone know what could be causing that? I'm using the Edmonton transportation view mod from 2005, downloaded in 2009. Should I re-download it? Switch to another one? Is it just me or does this happen to everyone that uses the mod?
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Love the coastal farm town look! Good to see you playing again!
I'm always a fan of coastal farm towns!

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