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Paradox Development Studio

Paradox Development Studio is a Swedish developer best known for Europa Universalis. I myself have a slight addiction to EU3 Tongue. Here's a rough outline of all of their series(es):

Europa Universalis (EU): A Grand Strategy based on the period of 1492-1792 (EU1, EU2), 1453-1792 (EU3), 1453-1821 (EU3:NA), 1399-1821 (EU3:IN). Pretty much a mix of all the rest, combining a rather simplified government, economics, military, and colonization system. Without this game, the rest probably wouldn't exist. EU2 has a spin-off, Europa Universalis: Crown of the North. This is a game based off of the predecessor to EU1, Svea Rike III. EU3 has 4 expansions: Napoleon's Ambition (Revolutions, timeline extended to 1821), In Nomine (1399 start, some other things), Heir to the Throne (Better HRE, Better casus belli), Divine Wind (Shogunate, Hordes, many stuff in Asia improved). EU4 is set for release on August 13th, has a timeline of 1444-1800ish.

Hearts of Iron (HoI): A Grand Strategy set from 1936-1947 (HoI1, HoI2, HoI3), 1936-1964 (HoI2: Armageddon). The period of WW2 and early cold war. Has a focus on military and diplomacy, and historical accuracy (More scripted events then say, EU or Vicky). HoI2 has two expansions: Doomsday (Expands upon post WW2, even nuclear war between allies and soviets!), Armageddon (Extends end date to 1964, some fantasy scenarios). HoI3 has three expansions: Semper Fi (Orders of battle), For the Motherland! (War goals, better espionage, performance improvements), Their Finest Hour (Many changes).

Victoria (Vicky): A Grand Strategy set from 1837-1935 (Vicky 2, not sure about Vicky or Vicky:Rev). Has a focus on economics and colonization. Two expansions for Victoria II, A House Divided (American Civil War), and Heart of Darkness (Colonization improvements).

Crusader Kings (CK): A Grand Strategy-Sims-etc. set from 1066-1453 (CK, CK2). Has a focus on feudalism, character building, dynastic issues. Set only in Europe, Maghreb, and Arabia. CK has one expansion: Deus Vult (MANY bug fixes). CK2 has several expansions: Sword of Islam (Play as islamic rulers), Legacy of Rome (Focus on Byzantine/Eastern Roman Empire), The Republic (Makes Merchant Republics playable), The Old Gods (867 beginning, play as pagans). Additionally, Sunset Invasion is a DLC scenario which adds a hypothetical Aztec invasion of Europe.

Other games (one-offs):
EU: Rome: Game set from 280-27 BC. Play as the Roman Republic or other nations of Europe at the time. Has a slight focus on character building and senates.
Sengoku: A feudal japan version of Crusader Kings.
March of the Eagles: Napoleonic-era game. Set from 1800-1821.

Since most of these games can make a continuous timeline (Or can with easy modding), one could hypothetically play a 'mega-campaign' (CK->EU->MoTE*->Vicky->HOI). March of the Eagles and HoI, however, aren't very alt-hist friendly. If you are looking for a good mega-campaign, consider checking out one of these Wiz LPs:
Islam is the Light (Hopefully SA's paywall isn't up lol Tongue)
House Hohenzollern Rising
Hohenzollern is already finished, and is actually pretty dated. Islam is the Light is still going on, and he is currently in the process of converting from March of the Eagles to Victoria II. Also, don't take the faux islamic nationalism in that thread seriously, it's part of the RP'ing experience Tongue.

Here is a network of Paradox wikis:

You can buy these games on either GamersGate or Steam.

Also, I might even start my own megacampaign LP. So keep watch, this thread might become Piast Dreams: The rise of Poland Big Grin.

-The King of Prussia (otherwise known as AcoG000!)
I mod Paradox games. Click here to see my many adventures in doing that.

"Join the Army, see the world, meet interesting people - and kill them"

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