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Vintage throwback/remake consoles, tried them? looking forward to any?

after the nes mini, and the mess that was the PS mini, a lot of people were kinda disappointed in the original corporations efforts to get in on the retro market... though Virtual console was nice.

however there are two retro remake companies I'm super excited about.

first is analogue.

they have released FPGA based hardware clones which bring HD quality with near 100% hardware emulation, and they're compatible with both the original cartridges and controllers.

if you haven't heard of them yet their retro remakes are the NT mini, super NT, and the recently released Mega Sg.

in order they emulate the nintendo, super nintendo and the sega genesis.

but wait it get's better, the last one actually has an edge connector and plugs into the Sega CD, and can use adapters to play games from every sega console before the genesis... mind blown.

you can find them here:

they're pretty pricy though, for just one of those I can buy a sega genesis, sega CD, a super NES, an NES, a SCART to HDMI adapter, and scart cables for all 3, in fact that's what I did a couple years back.

the other retro remake device, and one I'm most excited for however is the polymega.

what this thing is... man where do I begin, it's basically a retro game playing console, that's modular, and plays every game... yes you heard me right, EVERY game.

or to be more accurate, all 3rd, 4th, and 5th gen consoles, so no atari, commodore, or amiga... yet.

it does this by having dedicated modules for each one ensuring hardware compatibility with more planned and a lot of room for expansion.

currently in pre-order status.

these are my two favorites based on what's going on, has anyone else heard of or tried a retro throwback/remake console?
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You're paying for the nostalgia. I have less of a problem with the console prices than I do their controller prices. Either way, still cool!
analogue is nice too because of their good history making wireless controllers for retro consoles, I've had the chance to try their 8bitdo on my sega genesis with a genesis bluetooth adapter, it's actually really good for a wireless controller but I still prefer my 1st party sega controllers lol.
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
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You and your retro/cyberpunk stuff. Big Grin I like a full blown, modern PC gaming rig. hehhehehe
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Tongue well their controllers at least are bluetooth and work on said gaming rig lol.

I actually used emulators for a long time but I'd kept my genesis working since I was like... 3.

and when comparing the two I noticed minor things like in game music, occasional glitches, etc which the console did not have.

upon getting a super nintendo I noticed the same thing with the ZSNES emulator, and with my nes vs both NES emulators I tried.

it was from that point that I decided hardware > software/emulation. plus the controllers weren't the same which is why I learned how to make parallel to controller adapters for my old consoles.

having used both I can definitively say that actual hardware will always be superior. which is why I'm excited about analogue's systems especially because they do low level hardware emulation using FPGA's, it's the closest they'll get to actual hardware reproduction without getting sued by the companies.
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
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