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PC won't boot USB? Using 10 year old hardware? try PLOP!

Greetings, I just wanted to get this out there because it's super useful.

I'm sure a lot of people have run into a problem where their BIOS will not boot whatever media for whatever reason right?

well there's this nifty tool called Plop Boot Tool.

basically you burn it to a CD, write it to a floppy, or set it up on a flash drive and it does the boot manager work for your BIOS.

I mostly use it when trying to Boot on a PC that doesn't see flash drives as bootable media like my win XP machine (weird I know but it's a PITA otherwise).

or that Pentium 3 I have, or h*** my 486 with a USB PCI card.

it's super handy, you can get it here.

oh yeah, and as far as boot manager's go, it's really cool and cyber/scifi looking.

[Image: sshot33.png]
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