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Your documents folder!

The most important folder in windows! What's in YOUR docs folder?

[Image: 0o9y5MM.png]

A detailed list of everything in the subfolders:
-Aconia: Code, etc for my project.
-Cartography: Obsolete folder.
-Eclipse: Java IDE
-Makestation: Obsolete folder. Was for icons and stuff I was experimenting with for Makestation. (And was close to revealing!)
-Minecraft: Launchers for Minecraft
--Amod: Src, MCP, etc. for MiscMods.
--Backups: World backups.
--Cheat pack: Mod.
--Forumcraft: Stuff relating to my site.
--Level: Obsolete folder.
--MCedit: Contains MCEdit, a python-based world editor.
--Modpack: Some pack of mods I found on the net.
--MVC: Minecraft Version Changer: Allows you to backgrade your Minecraft version, for whatever reasons.
--NBTExplorer: Contains NBTExplorer, an NBT editor (Minecraft's level.dats, the main file for levels, use the NBT structure)
--Server: Jars, world backups for my server
--TFC: Terrafirmacraft, a grand overhaul of Minecraft. Very much more realistic and fun.
-Other: Hmm, I wonder what could be in there?
-Other Games: Other games.
--Open Hexagon: A free game based off of Terry Cavanagh's Super Hexagon.
--Vreakout!!!: A free game based off of Terry Cavanagh's VVVVVV.
-Paradox Interactive: Contains data for Paradox games.
--Europa Universalis III: Contains data for EU3 (and mod zips I put there).
--Hearts of Iron III: Contains data for HOI3.
--MEIOU: A total conversion of EU3. So big it deserved its own folder (I created it manually).
--Victoria II: Contains data for Victoria II.
-Registry backups: Backups of the registry, for when I fix errors in CCleaner.
-SimCity 4: Contains data for SC4 (I think most of you know what is in here, so I won't go into any more detail.)
-Temp: Used for stuff I don't usually keep long and one off games.
-VVVVVV: Contains data for VVVVVV.
--Saves: Game saves.
--VTools: External tools helpful for level editing.

So that's about it! You don't have to include an outline if you don't want to!
I mod Paradox games. Click here to see my many adventures in doing that.

"Join the Army, see the world, meet interesting people - and kill them"
That's one hefty documents folder haha. I'll probably get mine posted once I'm off of this train. - Our next project...
(July 17th, 2013 at 7:46 PM)Darth-Apple link Wrote: That's one hefty documents folder haha. I'll probably get mine posted once I'm off of this train.
You should have seen the one that I had before I had reinstalled Windows...
I mod Paradox games. Click here to see my many adventures in doing that.

"Join the Army, see the world, meet interesting people - and kill them"
Here's my huge one..

[Image: Docs.png]

GitHub: github stuff
SimCity4: SimCity4 gamefiles
- Plugins (4 varients)
-- Asia (for my main Asian CJ)
-- Americas (for my side american CJ)
-- PluginsR (Testing)
-- Default (Vanilla)
My Games: Civilization IV
EuroTruck Simulator: Eurotruck Simulator
Bully Scholarship Edition: Bully game files
NFS Undercover: NFS undercover files
Template: A bunch of templates/guides for maps and graphics I use.
- Aircraft: Jetabout templates for aircraft (777 and 747 atm)
- Map: Template for map making (symbols and procedures)
Adobe: Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Reader and Illustrator files
Criterion Games: Need for Speed Undercover
3dsMax: 3ds Max
Sc Modding : Modding tools for SimCity 4 transit networks.
NetBeansProjects: My old folder for netbeans projects before making a wamp server.
Test: Some files that I haven't tested or new to me.
Android SDK: SDK for Android
Nexus: Files for my Nexus 7
Visual Studio 2012: Additional files for Visual Studio
IISExpress: Additional files for ISSExpress
MyWebSites: An even older folder with some random website tests.
Websites: Important files for a Charity website.
RCT3: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Additional Files
Important Stuff: Important stuff
Inventor: Autodesk Inventor files
Autodesk: Autodesk general files
OpenTTD: OpenTTD files
Remote Assistance Logs: Remanent of some test.
MapBox: Mapbox files
Customization: Files for my customized theme for windows 7.
Rainmeter: Rainmeter files.
SimCity: SimCity 4 other files
Received Skype Files: Files from Skype
Pokemon: Pokemon tools
MyWebPages: Nothing, need to delete this.
Building References: References for buildings.
MediaWiki Files: Old files for MediaWiki
TestFiles: Testfiles for windows boot.
Website Tools and Stuff : Wordpress and Drupal
Rockstar Games: GTA:SA
ArcSoft: Media player files
AsusWebstorage: Bloatware from my computer - might use someday
The documents at the bottom are just notes and things needed for the moment.
Wow, that's giant LOL. Looks like you have quite a lot of content. - Our next project...
[Image: docs.jpg]
On Windows for the time being.

Electronic Arts - just for TS3
Minecraft - old minecraft worlds, seeds, and lists of coordinates for said worlds Tongue
my games - for Skryim
Openboard - forum software project, on backburner
Projects - various side projects that are too insignificant to post here
RL stuff - you guessed it Tongue
SC4 downloads - I keep all of my SC4 plugin downloads in a folder after they're installed
SimCity 4 - SC4 maps and plugins
Techlink Theme - a mybb theme I'm designing
Unused SC4 Plugins - SC4 plugins which I'm not using at the time
Those 4 loose pdf's and png's - something for an RPG game at another site

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