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[Development] What sort of features would you like to see in an IRC bot?

I'm going to be building a bot for one of my servers soon, just to help do certain things automatically, but I honestly don't know how many features to put into it. I'm taking a more security-oriented approach, so features will likely have something to do with that.

This is what I've got so far:
  • Google Dorker (drops first page of results from a dork)

  • Update MOTD from source (Send it a raw pastebin, it updates the ircd.motd itself)
  • Check is website is up (Either by API or making ping from itself)
  • Simple IP lookup
  • Run python/ruby/perl/shell script from server and get output
This would be rather primitive, though, since those features are relatively easy to implement.
So any suggestions on anything else I could add? I wouldn't mind leaving the source for them here if I implement them.
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