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Any surfers here?

I bought my surfboard and my wetsuit a little while ago, and finally took it out this afternoon, with a buddy of mine. Mind you, yes I'm on the east coast in NC, but it's February, and the water is about 50 degrees. The wetsuit keeps you warm, or at least it's supposed to. I ordered a very cheap one off of some website, and it looks great, but trust me, it's definitely not the best wetsuit in the world. A lot of cold water got in and I had quite a bit of trouble staying warm. 

Got fairly comfortable hanging on to a board in the water, was out for about an hour and a half, and then I got too cold to continue on. My hands were dark purple and I was shivering profusely. I had lost most of my coordination and had some trouble swimming to shore. Looks like I'm either getting a better wetsuit, or waiting until March when the water warms up a little more. Or maybe just not staying in the water for an hour and a half, I think my body can stay warm for at least 30 minutes... :Finna

Anyone else here Surf or have any tips? I live in a beach town, it's kinda a rite of passage around here, but this is much harder than it looks. Considerably so as well. Tongue

I've always wanted to learn but sadly I haven't... no ocean or big waves here... unless there's a storm stalled over the canyon lol.

but if You ever want tips on sailing let me know? Cool
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I have always dreamed of surfing.
However, I am afraid of ocean waves. This fear stemmed from when I was a kid. I got caught in the undertow and almost drowned.
I'm not afraid of water. I love water and swimming.
Three years ago I got the courage to go under an ocean wave. However I have not been back to the beach since/

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