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[Bug Report] Login form

Anti CSRF code is missing in most of the login form of every theme.
Somehow managed to login, but this should be fixed.
[Image: Untitled-1.png]

Also, z-index of modal is wrong and misplaced.

[Image: Untitled-1.png]
Thank you for reporting this, I believe the issue is now fixed on all themes! Regarding the Z-index issue, I'm having some trouble reproducing this. I do remember fixing this at some point in the past. Which web browser are you using when the issue occurs?

Latest Chrome.
Its not a browser issue, I guess. The modal is buggy and a known issue, it somehow works.
But its not working here with all non-default-alike themes.
Ah, thanks for the report. It has worked alright on my end from multiple browsers, but IIRC, Chrome on the Mac uses a different rendering engine than Chrome on a PC does. I'll look into this from other computers and work on trying to reproduce the issue (or possibly replacing the buggy modal altogether). We've had repeated issues with it, so I'd like to go ahead and get all of the issues corrected!

I've also cleaned up the themes considerably. We weren't aware that some of those were publicly visible.
  • Station Green -> primarily for the Simcity section only.
  • Makestation -> Default theme.
  • Makestation development version -> in the very early stages of being made responsive. Otherwise the same theme as the desktop version. It's publicly available to use and test... though I must humbly admit, it is far from complete. Finna


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