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T-Mobile vs. AT&T

Past experiences aside, I think I'm maybe a tad bit biased towards T-Mobile. Their network is kick a** and has improved significantly over the past few years. They have some dead spots in some rural areas. They literally have no low band (600/700 mhz) in large areas of my state, which by the way, is a pretty big deal. Every carrier has low bands. These are the bands that go far from the tower and provide a solid signal behind trees, cars, inside houses, etc. T-Mobile literally lacks this band in some areas of the country, including where I'm at. If I'm any more than a mile from a tower, it's spotty coverage. (This is not a problem everywhere. It very much depends on where you are at, and they are actually building a new band that will function next time you upgrade your phone, for many areas of the country at least. )

But honestly I don't really hold it against them too much because, even without this low band that every other carrier has, their coverage was absolutely fantastic inside of the city limits. Yes, I know, every carrier's is. I'm not talking about dead spots. I'm talking about speeds. I could literally pull 90 mbps. No other carrier I've ever been on has pulled those kinds of speeds without it being some kind of an outlier. Literally, this network was blazing (faster than WIFI) fast. Screaming fast - consistently. Very much blown away and impressed... You would have to try it to see how fast this network truly is.

AT&T, by comparison, has considerably better rural coverage and has a fairly reliable network as well. I have no complaints, but they are a little pricier. Their network is definitely noticeably slower. Granted, it's still very good, and outruns Sprint any day. But would I replace WIFI with it? Maybe I'm spoiled, but probably not... Also, whereas T-Mobile is pretty much either LTE coverage or no coverage, parts of AT&T's coverage area is legacy networks such as 3G and 2G networks. It's a little less consistent than T-Mobile's for that reason, but you're more likely to get at least some type of coverage when you're out in the far unknown.

I do hope T-Mobile continues to grow and expand at the rate it is expanding. They seem to have done an awesome job radically improving their network over the last few years. But, for the time being, I'm with AT&T, mainly because T-Mobile has poor coverage out in the area where my family lives. What are your guys' thoughts?

Over a decade ago when I did live in a more rural area, AT&T (Cingular) was the better coverage and T-Mobile was almost unheard of.

I switched to Verizon when I moved away so I don't have experience with them now, but from an external perspective, it does appear T-Mobile is getting better and AT&T continues to be a higher-priced service.
I've been using AT&T for years, my mother uses verizon, my sister uses some pay as you go plan from king supers.

as long as the signal is strong and the phone options decent, I guess they're all ok.
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I use C-Spire and am very pleased. Smile
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