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Show us your guitars

I'm not a particularly avid guitarist, but I do enjoy it as a hobby, so I figured I'd make use of this board by starting this topic.

[Image: f6sn.jpg]
Yup, that's my primary guitar. Big Grin - Our next project...
If I had my guitar with me atm I would show it. But nice guitar.
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Looks great! - thought you might have electric with liking Rock - not that I know much about it but everyone seems to be going electric these days. I had an acoustic almost a lifetime ago. My b-i-l has just got a new electric one think it is a Fender. Since he retired I think he is trying to find his lost youth!

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I have a electric guitar and I got that when I was like 12 now I'm 17 haven't even played it really /: just never go into playing, I can't you it either it's at another house.
[Image: 2z4zes7.jpg]

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