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I recently dropped Spotify, Netflix, and Hulu and have been "developing" a media library using Plex. I bought an 8 TB external HDD, bringing my total up to 11 TB. I bought a Plex Pass which lets me access my library on the go, and also lets me share my library and access other people's libraries. Highly recommend. If any of you have a Plex Pass and are interested in doing a library share let me know.
Where do you get all the content? We use Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and recently, Philio.
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All of the usual legal sources...
Was thinking of doing something like that a while ago, since I am always on the go and being able to stream what I want to stream sounds cool, but I also figured that I would need a really fast upload speed from wherever the server is.

As such I decided against, since I get maybe 10mbit up speeds from my place. I'd need to invest in something like a seedbox that has good bandwidth, and I just won't spend that much haha. So I stick to my usual kissanime/crunchyroll/whatever since I only watch cartoons anyway.
Yes but do you have as many choices as all the "major" providers?
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eh for me vrv + funimation is good for anime stuffs lol Finna

vrv includes crunchyroll, hi dive, rooster teeth, boomerang, and a few other really nice channels for what crunchyroll by it's self was costing me.
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(March 22nd, 2019 at 9:58 AM)zoldos Wrote: Yes but do you have as many choices as all the "major" providers?

I do Wink

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