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Sims 3 memory limit/glitching fix

I'm not sure anyone has played the sims 3 here but those that have may know that it has a pretty serious memory bug.

basically the world keeps running but the game runs out of memory and crashes after a while, usually with crashes and all sorts of weird results.

well it turns out the sims 3 is hard limited at 2 GB of ram!

there's a file in the main game folder under the sims 3/Game/Bin called Sims3.ini

within that .ini file is a line called "MemoryUSageLimit"

and it's listed as 20000000

change that first number to however many GB you want to give it, though it's highly recomended you do not give more that 50% of your total system memory.

since I have 32GB I gave it 16 gb to use and it helps a lot!

as a side note, you also need to change this line in every Expansion pack that has this Sims3.ini file, not all of them do.

good luck!
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Been a long time since I've played Sims 3. I doubt anybody ever plays Sims anymore? I don't see the name of the game popping out now and then like how it used to back in the day. Sad though.
I play Sims 4. Big Grin But thanks for the tut!!
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