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Getting the word out?

Makestation has been around for a little longer than a month now, and we already are approaching 2500 posts. We've definitely grown quite a bit since launch, but obviously one of the hardest parts of launching a new community is getting new members to join. I've been promoting through signature links at many places I am active at, and we've gotten hundreds of visits through signature links so far. (Something as simple as " - creativity showcase community " seems to get quite a few visits when put in the signature. )

Even though traffic has increased, the word hasn't really begun to get out at very many places yet. Do you guys have any suggestions on where we can promote Makestation and get the word out? - Our next project...
Wish I did, however as my own site shows I'm not the best at getting the word out. I'd say outside of buying ad space what your doing will continue to work, although it isn't the most effective way. Right now I have no ideas. If I did I'd be using them myself. If I think of something I'll add my $0.05 Tongue
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That will be hard for me, because most of the internet's forums aren't quality in my eyes. But you could try at minecraftforums (not recommended). Or pokecommunity (generally a good site, if you like Pokemon Tongue). Also, although this is not a very ethical practice, you can incite these guests to become users by registering to be able to view certain boards (I don't support this at all).
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I don't really see that as unethical. It's just annoying more than anything else, and for that reason I won't be employing those techniques.

Regarding forums, I'm trying to focus on promoting at 4-6 key forums for now. So far we haven't gotten more than a few outside of SM or google search results, but persistance is key.

One of the best ways to get  new members is through referrals. That seems to be one of the most effective ways to get active, posting members, so invites are definitely a key part of our growth. I've already sent out a few. Big Grin - Our next project...

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