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Google's Congress Hearing

As a lot of people may be aware, Google recently had a hearing with Congress about a week ago, and although the hearing was fairly lengthy, it had some noteworthy (and some amusing) content to it. found time over the past few days to watch a good part of it, and the Google CEO took the opportunity to explain many of the underpinnings of Google's technology and its search algorithms to a large number of people who had questions. Some of those questions were legitimate. A large number of them were somewhat amusing, and some even outright ridiculous. 

Also, more than one representative of Congress failed to distinguish the difference between iPhones and Androids, and that they were in fact made by two separate companies. Finna

It was 7:26 was, in my opinion, that one of the best parts of the hearing. Out of context, it doesn't seem like much, but it was actually taken as a jab towards an earlier, and somewhat amusing part of the hearing in which Google's CEO yet again got asked questions about Apple's practices by people who were confused by the fact that iPhones were not produced by Google. (See 1:13 below) Steve King has been very outspoken about negative search results that of course have nothing to do with Google itself, and I suppose, as the ancient saying goes, well, I edited the last part out to avoid any possible offensive statements. I'll just let you watch for yourself... Tongue

Anyone else watch any part of the hearing? What were your thoughts? - Our next project...
Watching these things always reminds me that Congressmen are usually dumber than the average American. It baffles me that they convince the masses to elect them.
It's honestly kinda unfortunate. I hate to get into political topics because everyone has different viewpoints, and the last thing I want to do is to come across as offensive to anybody. I consider myself to be very much middle-of-the-road in a lot of respects, and over the past few years, there has probably been more polarization and more tension between the left and the right than there has been in a long time.

For the record, I'm a registered Republican, but I don't think that I could honestly get behind too many of the republicans that are in office anymore. I personally didn't vote for Trump for a variety of reasons, but one of the main reasons was largely because I have quite a few Hispanic friends, and his rhetoric towards the Latino culture has been regarded as a little on the insensitive side, to say the least. For me, and for the fact that I know so many people in the Hispanic community, it was too bothersome for me to overlook. I don't think that it's right, personally.

Trump has, however, done some things right too. The economy seems to be very strong under him, and he has handled national security issues with a brave face. I will give him credit for that, and I will give credit where credit is due. But lately, the blindsided black and white polarization has reached epic proportions. I wouldn't say historic, we've definitely seen worse in our history, but let's pray and let's pray hard that we never see those days again.

Of course, for people who have different viewpoints, I respect those as well, and mean nothing that I say in any sort of offensive manner. I believe we should all have freedom to express our own opinions on matters like these, as long as we are respectful in our approach. Smile - Our next project...

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