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[Idea] Stellar Cartography

wasn't sure where else to put this.

working on another somewhat ambitious project.

here's what I have so far.

[Image: FCeAYxp.jpg]

this is supposed to be the first main page, which is a vague direction and distance measurement for all exoplanetary systems within about 50 LY.

the pages after in order of distance will be a system map for each star system... FYI there's a lot but I wanted to draw it out first on paper before I even began working on a digital version, very oldschool.

the tools I'm using are a ruler, a bow compass, some graphite pencils, a blank drawing book, and a protractor for measuring angles and degrees and such.

I'll post more once I've got more completed on it but so far I have all known systems within about 30 LY done on the stellar distance map.

you're supposed to use this chart in conjunction with a constellation map to determine it's location and travel distance then the system map once you get there.

it's been bugging me for a whle but for the life of me I can't figure out why nothing like this has been done for more than just the sol system, so I decided to do it myself.
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[Image: 5.jpg]
thanks for the post..

I am glad your continuing to work n areas that you have good knowledge of..

Space exploration, is an area i do have some interest in..
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yeah stellar cartography is fun, and the end result is a better understanding of how the universe is laid out.

speaking of which, I have to add barnard's star to my charts now, a new super earth was discovered orbiting it on the edge of the frost line today.
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
[Image: 5.jpg]

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