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Apple is now blocking any third party repairs (mostly)

Apple has long been known to have fostered a somewhat greedy ecosystem in many respects when it comes to profits. And this has been compounded over the past few years. Think about the removal of the headphone jack on the iphones (the new ones don't even come with a dongle anymore) and the $70 fast charger that is not even included with new iPhones. Then it was the macbooks that had extremely pricey keyboard repairs and no ports, requiring a dongle to convert a single USB C port to any other port that you would need. 

And now... they will be bricked and rendered useless if a third party repair to a screen, SSD, memory, or anything else is done to the computer. They are doing this by requiring a proprietary system diagnostics system to be run after a hardware repair, which is something only Apple will have access to. 

And it's honestly unfortunate for a few reasons. Firstly, cost. Screen repairs alone at Apple will cost several hundred dollars, whereas a local shop can easily do one for less than $150. Secondly, old macs are generally considered legacy after five or six years, meaning Apple themselves won't even repair it. Mine is six years old. It will probably be considered legacy soon. 

I love macs to death. I truly do. But my computer is getting a bit old. I hate the 1280x800 screen, it has had RAM problems (which I fixed by removing a bad stick, thereby slowing down my computer and running RAM in single channel mode), and has a 3rd generation i5 that can't really handle Mojave that well and is no good for any kind of gaming whatsoever. I'd love to get a new one, but I'm almost unsure of what I would replace it with. The new macbooks are almost impossible to repair, very expensive, have no ports, and have keyboards that are unusually hard to type on. 

Looks like I'm either getting a 2015 air (actually not a bad computer), or just sticking with this one. Not quite ready to go back to a PC yet, but for the time being, not sure the Mac is going to be a better option in the long term either. 


Wow (+_+) and I thought the I phone 4s was bad when I ran into this exact problem during a battery replacement... This sort of thing should be illegal much in the same way Microsoft's pushing of ie was back in the Netscape days. It's not a forced Monopoly but it is very anti-consumer.
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Got my battery replaced today so I finally have a usable phone again. Much cheaper than at Apple, near half price.

More and more coming out of Apple is making me want to never purchase another one of their products again.

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