Poll: Console vs. PC gaming
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Console vs. PC gaming

I don't actually play a whole lot of games, but I enjoy both equal so I cant vote Wink
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I kinda play on both, though these days I mostly play on consoles because I use linux as my daily driver for my OS of choice and a lot of games that are on windows and mac are also on consoles so I don't have to miss out.
also dos games, because dosbox + linux = awesome! Cool
if you haven't yet, try one of the dos based lucas arts Point and  click adventure games on either the DS or the wii U, it's kinda cool to play on a touch screen.

plus I like collecting console hardware.
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I prefer console as I find it more relaxing to play and I don't think you can really compete with PlayStation exclusives, at least not for me.
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I voted indifferent, only because it depends on the game.

I prefer consoles for Sports and first-person games. All other, strategy, sim, etc. I prefer on PC.
Definitely prefer PC. Been gaming on computers since the mid 80's!
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