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Known issues with login forms, reputation forms, profile visits, etc.

Several users have recently reported a new round of bugs on our forums. Most evidently, this affects our login forms, as users have had quite a bit of trouble logging in. Luckily we have a backup login form that does work (as reported by VSS and Brian, thank you). I have linked to this for guest users through an announcement on our homepage. 

Anything that depends on what's called a "popup modal/dialogue" (fancy jargon our forum software uses) basically is non-functional right now in what appears to either be a javascript issue or a theming issue. I'm not sure which yet, but it appears to be related to some software upgrades we did a couple weeks ago. As far as I'm aware, this includes reputation, profile visits, and a few other features, and this issue should be resolved this weekend. I will have a little more free time to get some of the features of our forum back. Tongue

In the meantime, I apologize for the inconvenience this has probably caused several people here. It's a known issue and will be resolved shortly, and as always, thank you to everyone who helped report the latest round of bugs here on the forums! As always, it is greatly appreciated, and thank you all for being a part of this community! 

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Check this post bro:
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Fix completed. Thank you again @harry K. You have saved me a lot of time once again!

@Users: this fix has not been implemented on the development version of our theme yet. If you are using the development theme, you can switch back to the regular theme for this fix to work. If you are still having issues, use CTRL + SHIFT + R to reload without cache, which will force your browser to reload theme files.

Edit: also not functional in the station green theme (used in the simcity section.) Fix coming soon! - Our next project...
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Hey guys, thank you for reporting this, I think we have the issue fixed. (at least as per some documentation on the MyBB support community) We have run into quite a few random issues over the past year related to MyBB updates. Every time we run one, it seems that something else pops up. Tongue

My apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused. Make sure you're not using the dev theme if things still don't work. The dev theme is still being worked on.

P.S. about a year ago, an update (or plugin perhaps) corrupted our entire database. I literally worked overnight to get the database fixed, table by table. Probably had to do about 15-20 and get everything working right again. Every now and then we still catch bugs from things that weren't completely fixed... Been a tad bit nervous to run updates ever since. Finna

Thank you guys as always for helping to report and diagnose these things. Sometimes I don't always catch issues like this right away, so it is a huge help. - Our next project...

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