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[Project Journal] Transit Mania CJ

(April 30th, 2020 at 12:19 PM)Guardian Wrote: I would say its a bit extreme to go from 3 lanes to a single lane city street (...)

I would also say the same. However, it depends on how much traffic there is on the end of the 6-lanes highway. If the traffic there is low, the single road will do. Otherwise, traffic jams - in the highway-to-road direction - are inevitable.
Very true.
Hi there-

Its been awhile Big Grin 

But I have 2 new mile stones to report for population -

1) 18 million in my region

2) 100 K in my newest city im working in -

[Image: YEynJ.jpg]

[Image: vtTTr.jpg]
Sports fanatic
Looking good brian!
Excellent, Brian! Congratulations. What are the next goals? Will you aim for 20 Mio in the region?
Thanks for your replies, guys Smile

Quote:What are the next goals? Will you aim for 20 Mio in the region?

Yes, that has always been the BIG goal now for quite some time Smile
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A lot of variety of cities and a huge population I see. Big Grin

Love the prevalence of rail lines within the city.

How has this region been doing the last few months? Are you still playing?
i have mostly been involved with nam testing the past months
so not much time for regular game play
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