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[Project Journal] Transit Mania CJ

I decided to do another one of these larger condo counts in my current city..

The 2 most common ones that grow in are:

Park central ( the larger condo in the pic) -         8
Manhatten hill ( smaller blue condo)         -         6

[Image: aYVp4.jpg]
Sports fanatic
Nice screenshot! Love that it’s built around the inlet, and that the high density is zoned in rows with some breathing space surrounding it.

Impressive, Brian!

Your ability to grow those condos will always amaze me - who is reluctant to get them built in my own cities, although I practice high, even very high residential density.

What is the transit situation around those condos? Where do all the condo-dwellers go to work? Can you show us a traffic picture of the area?
Darth and Pierre,

thanks for your replies Smile

Quote:What is the transit situation around those condos? Where do all the condo-dwellers go to work? Can you show us a traffic picture of the area?

Actually, this area is quite Representative of the traffic flows and the overall traffic plan for the city in general .
That is , ..   there is a lot of GLR / Tram networks and stations with plenty of Ped access to them -

In this image i selected,
I took a volume view of the tram traffic densities  ( in the area), + some of the traffic flows that derive from one of the more heavier traveled tram lines-

[Image: takRW.jpg]
Sports fanatic
Thanks for the picture. It is quite informative. There is still a great margin for growth of the tram line where you took the measurement. Also, I like the concept of the car-less city, if I am correct this is not the first time you implement it, and you are becoming an expert on the subject.

thanks for your reply Smile

Quote:Also, I like the concept of the car-less city, if I am correct this is not the first time you implement it, and you are becoming an expert on the subject.

Well its not totally car - less. Just the CBD is..

But yes even in a city - wide sense the overall emphasis I think is more on the tram networks than the road systems. For instance , there are very few highways in the city ( in fact i think so far just 1 , rhw-2 network ).. And also I think this is the least reliance i have placed on the road + highway systems for transit of any cities I have ever built Smile..

Here is the area again ( although slightly a more western view, more toward the inlet areas)..
So here you can see the street bridges are being used by cars , but also still with a combinations of Peds walking to (most likely the tram stations)-

[Image: kZnpw.jpg]
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So in order to involve a  couple of these other rail lines.
I employed a bit of a cheat or idea, of knowing when other rail lines touch the station in any direction ..they will continue traffic on that line, when normally this would not be possible

[Image: a3Vz7.jpg]
Sports fanatic
Yes, that is a cheat, but it is a nice one, it surely adds a lot of flexibility. It is a good way to use railway quite creatively, and you are mastering the art, it appears...
Very neat. Love your use of pedestrian malls as well!

It has been awhile :0
drum roll, please Angel

i have reached a new population mile stone in my latest city of 3/4 million Smile

[Image: AXoAT.jpg]
Sports fanatic
Very nice, congratulations!

I don't remember seeing a full layout of your city, so if you can provide such I'll be interested - for example by taking the picture of the city while it loads, and enlarging it a bit.
thanks for your posting , Pierre Smile

As you requested, I am going to make a bit more comprehensive posting this time -

And so with the population continuing to grow ..
I will comment on the last image , which is a zoom 2 ..
While the east and north sides of the CBD still have a lot of farm land.., the West side has really expanded now into some dense development over there Smile

[Image: ezFmU.jpg]

[Image: 39Di3.jpg]

[Image: PhuMq.jpg]
Sports fanatic
Looks great brian!
Here are a few musings about the 'population swings' theme. I prefer to place them in your CJ, Brian, rather than in Skype, because there is a bit of text required, and it is easier here - for me at least.

Although I have read about 'Demand' in various locations like the SC4D threads, the Prima Guide, the CAM documentation, etc, my understanding of it is still hazy, and will probably remain so. I just find the concept hard to grasp. I tend to play rather intuitively, and rather prudently. I don't zone extensively at any time, I go by relatively small increments. This seems to yield good results, since I do not notice - with very few exceptions - large swings in population. In most of my cities there is steady, rather slow, population growth, with sometimes a slight decrease of at most a few thousands Sims.

I do not think that there is some hard-coded 'recession cycles' in the game. At least, I have not observed such behavior in my cities. But it is possible that a combination of factors triggers a recessive effect, because of some erroneous, imprecise, behavior of the game. We know that a game as complex as SC4 contains some imperfections, that would have eventually been fixed if Maxis had wanted/allowed it, which apparently they did not. The glitch producing population swings, if it does exist (we will never know for sure) would then have been identified and corrected in due time.

I have often wondered whether the extensive use of large-size condos, which you seem to be quite fond of (contrary to me) increases the phenomenon of population swings. One way of finding out about it would be to build a city with no condos (by not zoning residential surfaces large enough to have condos built on them) and observing whether the effects of population swings are less there.
[Image: c9Lnd.jpg]

So I thought I would make a post here since it has been so long , wow !

So here is a long stretch of a diagonal RHW 6C at ground level..

This was quite interesting for me because ,

1) its a highway network I have not used too often in the past..

2) im trying to learn also how to use more diagonal content and also to find out what is supported in this regard for the NAM team as we move forward into the future of ( Stack interstate development )..

All this is being created iin what I refer to as one of my " NAM test cities" as we will be beginning the next cycle of NAM development for NAM 38 soon ..
Sports fanatic
You guys have always done a phenomenal job on the NAM project. I'm always very impressed with how complete RHW is, both for diagonal and for straight networks.

That's a nice piece, looks very clean and I would definitely use it. Love how there is a break in the divider. Thanks for sharing!

Here is an image of how I transitioned my large Highway ( RHW 6C) to just regular road  system at the edge of my city map -

Sports fanatic
Nice shot, looks good.

I would say its a bit extreme to go from 3 lanes to a single lane city street, but I have seen it so... it still fits. Cool

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