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[Project Journal] Transit Mania CJ

My impressive milestone @Brian! Reminds me of the NYC region in some respects. It's very difficult to get that many people in one small area.

Do people commute between cities frequently in your region?

When I first started playing the region ( back in 2007), i used quite afew neighbor connections ..
But now a days i used very few.. In my newest city which I just started .. i did use one for freight purposes..
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First I want to mention I am going to continue working on city ; CBD/ Pierre.. because I still have that goal of trying to reach a million population in that city some day Smile

But now also I have started a new city called : Tibi

this city's transit focus will be on GLR + the RRW

Here is an early GLR / pedmall based shopping center I have created in Tibi -

[Image: nuHg3.jpg]
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Thanks Brian for sharing with us the development of your new city Tibi. I like the idea of the pedestrianized commercial center. I note with amusement that there are parking lots with cars inside that area, those cars will have a great difficulty to leave their parking spaces... (The game doesn't 'know' about this and the lots include those parking spaces, there is nothing we can do about it, but it is funny just the same).

I am quite interested in the GLR stations that you are using, developed by Tibi, so please use them a lot and show us some implementations.
Haha I guess they are driving on the sidewalks! Tongue

Love outdoor malls though. Nice district, thank you for sharing.

Hi everyone,

Sorry I have not done a CJ Update in awhile here !

I am still working hard in my new city called - Tibi

I recently just passed the population mark of 25,000

the city is reaching a peak in what i call the farming phase-

The city has about 9,300 farm tiles. it is approaching 10,000, which has only ever been achieved by 2 other cities in this region before.

Far workers are about 2,500.. I am not sure what the most farm workers ive ever had in a city ..

[Image: HsLbR.jpg]
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How do you tally the number of tiles occupied by farms? For that matter, how do you tally the number of tiles for, say, residences, or commerces? are there running counters of these elements?
That's a fairly substantial population for a farm city. Looks nice, well done! What are your long term plans for the city?


Here is the reason im able to get all those Farm stats of mine Smile

[Image: Nnfyx.jpg]

As you  can see some of the cam farms come with some pretty good " farming stats"


Quote:What are your long term plans for the city?

  I think pretty much the usual..
Meaning I will eventually start transitioning the city from farm / Rural to large urban sprawl Smile
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Nice update and good information, Brian, thanks! Since I don't use farms in my cities, I wasn't aware that some them give the information about the total number of farming tiles, which must in fact reside in a counter somewhere in the game. The level of detail information kept by the game continues to amaze me. At the time it came out it was a real masterpiece.
My city is no rapidly transitioning from rural farming to urbanization..

Population over 90,000  now..

Here is already the second Condo that has grown - amongst the quiet farming areas..

[Image: pbhsq.jpg]
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geez 90 thousand in 178 years? that's actually rather slow. well slow for america anyway.
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[Image: 5.jpg]
178 years of city developement is probably necessary to reach the Growth Stage at which condos like the one shown in the pic, growing "in the potato fields", can be placed by the game. Actually that whole mechanism of Growth Stages, including when does the game move from one stage to the next one, and what can grow at what stage, remains obscure to me, in spite of all the doc about it.
it just seems sorta slow compared to real life where that much growth can happen in 10 to 50 years compared to 170+
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
[Image: 5.jpg]
Tibi has been working with me to understand how to use the Pedestrian stairs pieces in the Flup menu

I think we have made some good progress so far Cool

[Image: vPVtN.jpg]

[Image: aTcAV.jpg]

[Image: RZJnN.jpg]
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I've always wanted to make an effort to get Pedestrian traffic to work well, and exceed vehicle use, I just never can make it worthwhile. Tongue

great flow there!
Since I have not done an update for awhile and +
I just recently passed the 200 K population mark at about 215 now Smile,
I wanted to share a zoom out image of my city and identifies the 7 park central condos that have grown so far,,

Also so far traffic has been still very good so far , with the main  GLR system i set up, is handling the main traffic arteries/ areas quite nicely to this point..
As can be seen there is still plenty of room for further development and expansion in the large expansive farm areas..

[Image: 7viF7.jpg]
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Good update, Brian! Sorry for this late reaction, but you know the reason.

I would like to know more about your GLR system: could you post a picture of the transit view of your city?

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