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[Project Journal] Transit Mania CJ

Quote:It's not just your cj brian, the sites been in a bit of a lull

Yes I see what you mean by looking at the posting activity overall,
your point is well taken Smile
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I enjoy them both as well!

I haven't been as quick on the posting lately. I don't have as much free time as I used to and don't get on as often. Still try to do it at least every other day. Still read even if I don't have anything constructive or inquisitive to say.


Your efforts are not unnoticed or unappreciated.
thanks i feel like I over reacted some also
Right now actually i cant seem to get the game to load
it wont get past the bridge screen.. I am thinking it might finally be the old cds which are like 15 years old..but i am not sure really
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brian, are the discs heavily scratched?
technically you have the serial number and the discs so you can legally make a backup if you want, even up to downloading it and burning the discs... as long as you still have your physical copy with the serial.
in case that helps ^_^

also, though this doesn't always work... sometimes you can put the serial number into origin and get a digital copy

Disclaimer: I am not advocating piracy, I'm advocating legal backups which is part of the consumer protection act which was revised to include this as discs tend to get used up over time and you shouldn't lose your game just because of normal wear and tear since you paid for it.
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[Image: 5.jpg]

I will echo the words that Guardian had to say as well. I personally have been busy out of my mind, so my apologies for being around a little less than usual. I've been living paycheck to paycheck these past couple months and desperately have been trying to keep my financial situation afloat while paying for classes and what not, but I am still around as always, as are the rest of us, and as you know we sure aren't going anywhere for the long haul! Tongue We all brought this place back from the dead. We are a part of this community, and it's timeless in so many ways. Our activity will pick back up. Straight from the past and from our history over here, we will be around for the long haul and our activity will most certainly pick back up.

So with that said, your efforts truly are appreciated and are not unnoticed in the slightest, and I'm honestly very glad to see that people are still so heavily invested in the game and posting their own creations. For me and for many others, it's more than just a game, but was, or still is, a way of life and a part of our being. It was a huge part of my childhood I will never forget. The creativity it takes to create a city and make it yours, or even a region, maintain the mass transit, build elaborate transit systems, CBDs, and phenomenal neighborhoods is one of the most satisfying aspects to me of seeing people's creations in the game. So thank you (and Pierreh as well, welcome again to the community) for posting your CJ's here. It is a hugely satisfying thing to read these as they get posted and updated. Smile

Brian, this is a belated reply to your post of August 19th about ESURE / U - Rail series.

I'll repeat what I remember having said a long time ago about the ESURE project. The concept was brillant, but it wasn't sufficiently developed, because of Steve's incipient illness. The result is that there are too few pieces, severely limiting the scope of its use. Sofar I was able to implement it only in one single city, in a situation where the layout of the roads and of the subway network allowed placing ESURE pieces in a convenient way.

In the example that you showed in your pictures, the visible portion of u-rail entails 3 tiles of unconnected road, something that is a no-no in my cities. I assume that the same occurs on the other side of the highway that is crossed by a portion of subway. This was set up in that way to have an occurence of the use of ESURE, but of course the same purpose (the railway crossing the highway) could have been achieved with 2 ramps and a portion of elevated railway over the highway.

I regret that ESURE wasn't developed more fully, because it would have been very handy, in particular, to overcome the limitations of the subway implementation, about which I'll post very shortly in my Talaran CJ.
Pierre , thanks so much for your posting !

Yes actually that first posting was a quite poor set up I agree.. The fault was actually more my choices in using the U rail pieces.. ( the esure piece is just 1 piece used for each sid eof the tunnel..) But i have a few more pics to show this  also ..
Tibi has also been helping me build better set ups and also to recall the proper way to us all these peices so you have a more realistic and better functioning above ground road set ups

I constructed a second esure/ U rail set up that uses an under water esure tunnel ...

So first here is a zoomed out shot of one end of the tunnel -

[Image: zXDL7.jpg]

in a closer inspection of the 2 tunnel sides...( there is some improvment here in properly connecting the above ground roads a bit better . Tibi showed me the best way to do this is just to drag out a bit of regular roads first than plop the pieces on top of the existing roads..this worked quite well.. Although really the first piece after the tunnel entrance model should never be a straight u rail road piece really. Because as Pierre points out its a bit un- realistic -

[Image: q24Ft.jpg]

[Image: Wsken.jpg]

So in the above pic , the surc esure piece is actually the second piece from the end of the cliff. and is a straight orthogonal  piece.. But by using Tibi,s method of having the road dragged prior to plopping down any puzzle pieees  and even with the 90 degree turn that connects into the  the surc road piece , i was able to connect this up to the road system..

So here on the other end of the tunnel side there is even more improvement as the first piece after the tunnel entrance is actually T road U rail piece that is hooked up also to the existing road system.. ( perhaps the use of a 90 degree turn U- rail road piece might be the most realistic to use of all ?)

I am hoping this post clarifies a little better what is the work of the U rail pieces and what is the esure pieces role in these set ups,..and how to use them in a  set up ?
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Yes this clarifies very well the use of u-rail and of ESURE components. The implementation shows a clever way of crossing underneath a body of water, because this is not possible with u-rail but it is possible with a subway tunnel, so that turning the u-rail into a subway before plunging under the water is quite creative!
I like the use of space. I was not aware that these pieces were available. I was always very annoyed trying to route trains and rails alongside my roads. Tunnels are a pain to get to cooperate quite right. Finna

Very nice update, thank you for posting!

lol it's funny you use SURC.
because that's very similar to SURK which stood for Simcity Urban Renewal Kit.

"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
[Image: 5.jpg]
Thanks for all your replies guys !

I had forgotten that the first 2 letters of ESURE stood for " Express Subways"..,
Pierre has reminded me of this Big Grin

I just wanted to mention that my friend Tibi over on discord is working on one of the best GLR station pack releases in many years !
( especially is you need, use, or favor terminus type stations ).. I thnik there are about 10-12 stations in these packs ( I say pack(s) because i think they
will be released as 2 separate volumes of stations .. So I have been helping him function test all these stations ( i still have 4 stations to test as yet )..

So todays update I wanted to post an early teaser pic of one of these GLR stations -

[Image: jfcQt.jpg]
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@ brian51:reminds me of union station in denver.

[Image: DUS_S106_AerialStill_2011-06-01_v2.jpg]

Union station used to be just for trains now it's a bus, GLR, Train hybrid central terminus.

[Image: Union_Station.png]

[Image: Denver_Union_Station_Light_Rail_2011.JPG]

just a IRL example.

really cool having stuff like this in SC4 though.
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
[Image: 5.jpg]
Spook ,thanks for the excellent post on the lovely station and the full set of pics you provided   Cool

Quick update :

Right now not a lot of city development for the CJ..
I am still working on testing the RTMT U - Rail stations which we hope will be fully ready by RTMT V 5.0

also some interesting testing work and analysis , ( I am doing currrently), on a long standing issue concerning thru bus traffic with TE lots..,
Which I hope to be able to elaborate more on and post some results, concerning soon !
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Sorry , Guys I have not posted here in a while.
But I finally have something now worthy to show here Smile

I have reached a new Region Milestone for population...

Surpassing , 17 million

[Image: PtgFR.jpg]
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I just caught up with the latest posts in this CJ. The notification option failed (again) and I wasn't informed of those posts until Brian commented about his region in a Skype message to me. Congratulations for that milestone! What is the next goal? I would go for 20 millions....

On my side things are at a standstill, I haven't played the game since many weeks, I have many RL activities and I can't find either the time or the inclination to play a city. This will hopefully change soon.
Thanks for your comments Pierre Smile

Yes 20 million is the next goal

followed by surpassing florida's real life population ( which is currently very close to 21 milliom )..

and than a friend in nam discord chat mentioned 25 million..

which sounds like a very nice longer term goal, if i still have enough open tiles and space for all those new sims Smile
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(September 30th, 2018 at 8:34 AM)pierreh Wrote: On my side things are at a standstill, I haven't played the game since many weeks, I have many RL activities and I can't find either the time or the inclination to play a city. This will hopefully change soon.

You guys had motivated me to start one and start a new City from scratch but RL things have gotten in the way for me as well. Confused

I'll get there eventually. I love these CJs! The cities you guys make... impressive and motivating.,
I recently discovered Cities Skylines has a whole host of Futuristic city mods... if only I had the time Crying

I'd totally do some sort of Cyberpunk city too lol.

awesome update though brian, looking forward to your next one.
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
[Image: 5.jpg]

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