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Any GIMP users?

Eh, honestly I think open source is more important than straight up free software.

Primarily because 1, if you want to use it on different hardware/software you don't have to wait for the programmer who wrote it to maybe port it.
2 if there's any bugs the fans will find them and usually sort things pretty quick.
3 if you like the software and the person stops releasing new versions that's kind of irrelevant because you have the source code, just compile an updated version for newer software/hardware.

I've had this problem in every os, including Linux.
There's a bunch of classic games that run, but with problems because the audio engine changed from oss to alsa and pulse audio.
The oss compatibility Library doesn't work with 64 bit.
And I can't simply recompile the games to use pulse audio/ alsa.
Meaning a lot of great Linux native software is no longer fully supported because of a single point of failure.
I hate to think of what would happen if other stuff wasn't open source, like gimp which really is an incredibly powerful alternative to Photoshop, or my favorite graphical user interface enlightenment 16 which has been around since 1998 and still works as expected.
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