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Respect must be earned

As I am certain we can all relate, we have all had some less than stellar bosses. Or less-than-stellar people that we are somehow supposed to look up to in life. And I suppose that in leadership, well, there are two styles. There is the hard-a** go getter style of assimilating dominance via any means necessary, and there is the more, well, earned approach. And among the good leaders who have earned their respect, I have come to observe that many of them had no innate desire to lead whatsoever, and merely by their example alone, built a pathway towards the respect of those around them and eventually towards good leadership. It begins within. 

I don't believe that anyone should just be respected because they demand it. Sure, we have superiors in life, but people will do 10 times more for someone they truly respect as opposed to someone they are merely supposed to listen to. 

Anyone else have experiences with bad management or superiors? Feel free to share. Big Grin

(June 12th, 2018 at 4:39 AM)Darth-Apple Wrote: -snip-

actually yes, my old job at pizza hut started out with an amazing boss who was respected for working with us and being willing to do any job he'd have us do, however he got screwed over by the company and the guy who took his promotion was a total idiot who not only didn't know how to be an area manager but knew nothing about pizza business, he ran a burger place before.

suffice to say when the chips were down he proved unreliable so I left, but these days I have a great boss who both commands respect and is understanding, it's a nice change.
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Amen! I've had some amazing leaders in my career, and I've also had some terrible ones. The great ones only built me up. The terrible ones just build themselves up. I've been thrust into some leadership positions in my time, and I've learned usually the best strategy is building mutual trust, but also pushing your people to succeed. Not just in work, but in life.
i have run into some people who "demanded " that they have respect earned which makes them a fool. its takes a while for someone to earn specific cant just have it handed to you without first earning it through experience

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