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ISP's and the CSR's that ruin your day.

if any of you have ever had comcast you'll know what I'm talking about.

your internet is slow, or it's throttling, or h*** your ping is routing through a million servers instead of going along the shortest route just because.

then you call your ISP, deal with 10 minutes of an automated machine trying to figure out what your problem is (worse if you aren't technically minded despite being designed for the layman).

and then you wait on hold for 30 min only to hear (insert indian/chinese/spanish/whatever terrible unintelligible accent) "thank you for calling customer support my name is, (insert american sounding name here), how can I help you today?"

you then spend 20 minutes trying to get the guy to understand your problem only to hear that he wants to reboot your router remotely, something you've already tried, bonus points if you did the ping test and all that... not that he'll care.

and finally when he sees the problem he tells you, "I'm sorry but I need to send this to tier 2/3/another department, they will call you back."
and they never do.

it's not always this bad but comcast is truly notorious, just look at their support forums, or read their twitter feed, it's awful!.

unfortunately with ISP's monopoly is the name of the game, want decent internet speeds and snappy load times, you have 1 option, maybe 2 if you are lucky.

they can afford to cheap out on support to save a few bucks, because they know you have no choice if you want decent internet.

oh and don't try asking for an English speaking or American representative, they get real touchy about that one lol.

I actually work as a helpdesk person, in the US, for the US post office as well as one of the subsidiaries of the DOD, so I know how customers should be treated, but what I get from my ISP is just...  it's a mockery of the job and makes me a bit miffed.

anyone else have an experience like this?
feel free to post it.
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all too often bro. i feel your pain. comcast over throttled me one time when i first got this pc online...why they did it is still a mystery. and from that, i never trusted them. ive dealt with someone named prajeet or nexcturvaterrit or some other foreign name in live chat and on tech dept phone support...and at one time, on live chat got angry at a rep who couldnt understand what i was trying to convey to him...all he wanted to do is upgrade me when i wanted to downgrade. a greedy, distrustful company.

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