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I have used trigonometry pretty heavily when it comes to UI related stuff for other courses and for some of my own projects, but I have yet to ever use calculus. I currently made the mistake of taking Calculus 1 and Calculus 2 back-to-back over this summer, and boy, it has driven me crazy, along with a 2D design course that I'm doing. It is a total of 11 credit hours. 

A 16 week course is currently condensed into four weeks. Three hours in class five days a week, and an additional 2-3 hours of study and homework, just to keep up with the coursework. An exam every four days, quizzes every day, homework every day, and oh, the professor hardly speaks english. 

Although it has kept me busy, I will say it is actually pretty interesting stuff. It is definitely very new compared to what I've studied in the past, but there is the "wow" factor of realizing how useful math is in the real world. 

Anyone else here taken Calculus? How far did you go with it, and what were your thoughts?

Objectively worst study of math
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(June 7th, 2018 at 3:26 AM)Thomas Wrote: Objectively worst study of math

Yep, hands down. 

Just started Calc 2... and it's unbelievably hard. In a 4 week summer session. Huh

I did quite a bit of it, both in my last years of school and at university.

High-school calculus consisted of the basics, followed by things like the chain and product rules, and then lots of integration rules Tongue . Stuff like integration by substitution, integration by parts, and recognising which situations called for which rules Tongue .

University calculus was another step up from this Tongue . Things like multi-variable calculus; partial derivatives; and line/path/surface integrals. Then we had real and complex analysis - which provided rigorous mathematical definitions of 'derivatives' and 'integrals', among other things.

I can remember most of the high school stuff, but I've forgotten some of the crazier university stuff!

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