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Internet Speed Test

I looked, and couldn't find one, so I'll post the obligatory speed test thread. What you got?

[Image: 7363540064.png]
Oh shit, I guess I'll repost. xD

(June 3rd, 2018 at 6:30 PM)Harry K. Wrote: Holy crap Guardian!!!! I didn't even think them speeds were possible O.O

[Image: 7363683228.png]
I was surprised to see it. Tongue I forgot what I was paying for.

Yeah, yours aren't too great. Undecided
(June 3rd, 2018 at 7:31 PM)Guardian Wrote: I was surprised to see it. Tongue I forgot what I was paying for.

Yeah, yours aren't too great. Undecided

That's what everyone around here gets apparently.. It's something to do with them being new build houses. They say we should be able to get Fibre Optic withing the next 6 months so hopefully that will improve it, however when I upgraded to fibre optic in York my internet actually got worse.
[Image: 7363961494.png]

woot, finally getting what I pay for! lol.

they've been doing some infrastructure upgrades... used to sit around 30/35 down before
here is my test results -from (xfinity) ...not too bad

[Image: YKJc4Cx.png]
Xfinity seems to be doing better than they used to be. Maybe they're actually putting up a fighting chance.
[Image: 7364514197.png]
Test I did a while ago, on WiFI quite far away from the router.

[Image: 7339516843.png]

Need to do a wired test also.
My home connection. Paying for 50/10 Unmetered Comcast Business.

[Image: 7380850241.png]
[Image: 7380941678.png]
My internet has become so slow since this pandemic that I cannot even run the speed test at all unless I do one very late at night. Everyone is on the internet at once and has clogged it up severely.

(Just loading a page at all is a 20-second ordeal. Loading the quick edit page for this post was about 7 seconds.)

The joys of apartment complexes... Finna
Lucky you, it's usually at 2AM to 4AM that I can't even get 1mbps down, right when I'm awake and get the most shit done.

[Image: 9168702477.png]
(March 23rd, 2020 at 1:16 AM)Plushy Wrote: UwU

[Image: 9168702477.png]

Lucky... Finna
the heck...

my upload speed looks right, but  for some reason I'm not getting the 70mbps, it's less than a twentieth what it should be...

is this because everybody is at home due to the virus?

edit: nvm, I guess the server I was testing with was just under heavy load -_-

[Image: 4jm8QFw.png]
Seems like everyone is getting weird results right now. A lot of people are working from home due to the whole ordeal as well. It's been putting a lot of stress on telecommuting services like Zoom. There is a lot of bandwidth on fiber infrastructure, so it's hard for me to believe that the fiber itself is stressed out. Apartment wifi for sure, but fiber? Not sure how that works well enough to really know. Could be, but who knows? Is fiber prone to overload to that extent?
actually it's possible if the infrastructure notes that the fiber connects between is being overloaded because it was designed 30+ years ago with minimal upgrades due to companies not wanting to invest in it.

the network usage levels we're seeing right now would be maybe matched under normal circumstances in 15+ years the way it was used before but if everybody is always on it well....

there's a reason why 5G is being deployed early, but home ISP's didn't expect the same usage levels as cell companies in this case.
I'm very surprised that cell service seems to be doing fine too. I suppose more people are home and are out less, which might have something to do with it, but mine is working great.

And with Fiber, a lot of it is very new infrastructure, but it depends on where you're at. Some of the main lines are probably very old. I know my apartment has a very new one, but that is so area-dependent. I didn't really think of old infrastructure in terms of backing lines. A line is only as fast as its slowest link, I suppose.

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