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Internet Speed Test

I'm very surprised that cell service seems to be doing fine too. I suppose more people are home and are out less, which might have something to do with it, but mine is working great.

And with Fiber, a lot of it is very new infrastructure, but it depends on where you're at. Some of the main lines are probably very old. I know my apartment has a very new one, but that is so area-dependent. I didn't really think of old infrastructure in terms of backing lines. A line is only as fast as its slowest link, I suppose.

[Image: 9169646366.png]
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My speeds appear to be affected as well:
[Image: 9170806669.png]
Though, I have an open VPN connection to work. Not sure if that's causing any difference.
You guys are blazing fast compared to me. I can't play a youtube video even. Finna

Looks like it's bottlenecked. We've reached a verdict. Huh

[Image: 9418870690.png]

naja geht so  Undecided
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