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Looking for some Feedback - Colore MyBB Theme

I like it! It's creative, not sure I've really seen anything quite like it for MyBB before.

The only thing that I really noticed is that it has no difference in background or contrast that really makes it obvious that the quick reply is integrated. As a user, without maybe a slightly whiter background or something else to differentiate it, I might have a little trouble noticing it/finding it as the quick reply feature at first. Of course that's something you get used to with time, but I think I'd probably be confused on my first time using it. Tongue

Very nice work. Your themes kick serious a** as always my dude. Big Grin

Thinking of including a "Tour Guide" feature which could fix that Using IntroJS. Lots of sites use things like this to offer a "Tour" to new users and first time visitors. I would essentially be planning on having a modal popup offering to take the user through the "Forum Tour", the user could also click a button to run the tour again.

Forum admins can set multiple tours, for example have a "Basic Tour" showing you the pages the forum offers, and you could have "Posting tour" which takes them through posting and replying. Lots of possibility.

The plugin also has a really cool "Hints" feature. When triggered (Either page load, or button click etc..) little circle "hint" bubbles will show on elements, when a user hovers/clicks the bubble it shows the hint. Either this or the tour can be used to show your forums cool features in a fun interactive way! Big Grin

Problem is the hints are triggered using javascript, and the "hints" are added using data-attribute. So for a forum admin to customise/configure their own forums tour, they would require the ability to atleast identify a html element, and add data-hint="Hint Content Here" data-step="1/2/3". If wanting to have multiple tours, you also need to add a class to the html element and modify the javascript slightly. This can get really confusing for none designers/developers even with tutorials. 1 Mess up will disable the tour.

Edit: Instead of building the tour inline/in templates, I've decided to use JSON. This allows the ability to write out the hint, select the element, and define the step process all from one clean file. Keeping everything together and neat, will be a lot easier for editing etc.. Very clean code.
    element: document.querySelectorAll('#step1')[0],
    intro: "Test hint",
    position: 'right'

Thinking about it, this would be a freaking awesome plugin if someone had the know how.

Edit 2: After doing a little research and a little more testing I'm thinking about the possibility of using LinkedIns Hopscotch instead of the IntroJS I used to display above. Looks generally better built, with more customisability and options. I am also looking into the possibility of using the built in API to build a section in the Admin CP where admins can create different tours easily without having to edit much if any code, however no promises as this will be a heavy learning curve for me. Big Grin
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Introducing a streamline posting experience. Big Grin
[Image: 8HFsz8h.png]
* Thread subscription section (and attachments) only show when the user selects the relating checkbox.

Struggling with the profiles... I feel MyBB has very little to work with when working on profiles. There is no option to pull recent posts/activity, or anything really without plugins. I already have a couple of plugins that are not "dependent", but recommended and designed with them in mind. So I'd prefer not to have any more, but I'm seriously tempted to get a recent threads plugin thrown in.
[Image: e2Usv88.png]
* Yes, I realise the container for the profile and the breadcrumb is not aligned, I have fixed this since the image was taken. Tongue
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That profile is looking pretty sharp though, for a MyBB forum.
That's stupid good. Like, unbelievably good. Tongue

And I have similar frustrations with MyBB's profile. I find that I need plugins to get certain things done and it's not included in core.

I remember when the myProfile plugin was supposed to make the profile some IPB-like profile that was super advanced, but that proved to be quite a bit of work so it ended up just being a bundle of useful additions. MyBB doesn't make it too easy.... but it's still miles ahead of what other free softwares have for their profiles. Tongue

(June 26th, 2018 at 10:25 PM)Darth-Apple Wrote: MyBB doesn't make it too easy.... 

Not to beat a dead horse, but another perfect opportunity for MyBB to catch social media with 2.0.
(June 26th, 2018 at 10:11 PM)Guardian Wrote: Smooth.

That profile is looking pretty sharp though, for a MyBB forum.

Yeah, wouldn't it look just perfect with a recent activity feed on the right.  Dodgy  Tongue

Darth Wrote:That's stupid good. Like, unbelievably good.

Oh why thank you.  Blush I haven't heard of MyProfile? To be honest I haven't had a look in a while, however last I remember there are very little plugins available that make mybb's profiles any good. Putting aside the fact that mybb is a pitta to work with(I'm not a dev, so I'm speaking from an outsiders view..) to me it seems pretty simple, all it "requires" is: Activity feed(posts,threads,likes etc..), Profile comment feature, and a status integrated into the activity feed. Yes a lot like how social networks do it. Social networks are at the top right now, and for some reason forums - especially MyBB are reluctant to inherit anything that is related to social networks, but it does surprise me that no other dev has developed an all in one plugin.
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