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linux peppermint vs windows 10

in the last 2 months ive been thinking off and on about trying to replace problematic win10 with linux. so far ive jotted down many programs that are compatible with linux that iam familiar with. in terms of performance , security issues , user interface which one would you choose when addressing these 3 issues?

the other programs that are still left undecided whether or not they are compatible with linux: , bandizip , aimp media player , epic privacy browser , moviejack
#2 gimp is a decent graphical editor, combining it with inkscape makes it scary powerful.

for media playback, there's always the universally compatible VLC, it's on most OS's these days including android.

for archive extraction... you can actually do most of that from within the terminal, though usually the OS has it built into the GUI so you don't need special software.

for privacy browsing I'm sure there's some form of equivalent, if you really want to go extreme though you could always boot the Tails Distro, or maybe tinfoil hat linux, they both run off a flash drive.
not sure what moviejack is.
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thx bro. moviejack is a paid or free video downloader covering well known video sites like youtube for instance. now if linux peppermint has something equivalent but in a free version, great. i want to cover all bases before i really go ahead and install linux from the live usb version
There are a lot of programs that will run under WINE (a windows compatibility layer) as well. Programs run under WINE are sometimes a little buggy and don't always work perfectly, but it's a non-emulation solution that has no performance penalty and can be used to get a lot running under Linux. It's pretty neat.

Apparently they have a mac version as well. I run into this from time to time on my Mac as well. Tongue

ah wine gotta love it effectively it's a program translation layer that converts windows code into something linux can understand and vice versa allowing you to run windows programs primarily focused towards games I've gotten it to run photoshop and such with no issues.
"I reject your reality and subsitute my own." - Adam Savage, Mythbusters
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i dont know anything about this wine program...i will do research into it

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