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Chatcave Support moving to MS!

Hello all! 

Chatcave has been a project that I've had for a little over four years now. It was started as an attempt to create some sort of hosted service for the inexperienced programmer that I was at the time. It turns out that it's not all that server intensive, and we are hosting 600+ chat rooms as of now. From a technical standpoint it was fairly easy, and it's been a fun little side project ever since.

The forum over there, however, is pretty trash. I've decided to go ahead and migrate support over here to make it much easier to maintain just one forum instead of two. Feel no obligation to really provide support, I have a feeling a lot of that will be on me. However, I will say that despite the website needing significant work and being very much neglected as of recent, it's actually a neat little service. We'll get the website fixed, but feel free to check it out! Its main downside is that it is not IRC compatible, but it's intended for communities that have smaller needs and there seem to be people who don't really mind. Tongue 

The official migration will happen sometime towards the end of June, and I have plans to clean up the service and revive it a bit. I'm also hoping to use Chatcave as a means of hopefully getting a little more eyes on MS and bringing some traffic our way. And plus, maybe some people will check us out as a token of appreciation for hosting their chats. (Hopefully? Maybe? IDK anymore... Tongue

Anyway, that's what's going on here in this board, in case you were confused. Expect a few threads to be posted in the coming weeks, and feel free to jump in if you wish. Otherwise, don't mind the work here. I do believe that unifying the two websites will be a benefit in the long run. Big Grin

Only for the best! For the service support, and for Makestation. Good move Darth.

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