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Rush fans!

I must confess. Rush is absolutely, 100%, my favorite band of all time. They are out there. Perhaps a little strange. Maybe an acquired taste. But for over 40 years, they brought incredible musicianship, great lyrics and meanings to their songs, and and amazing performances to the world. 

I saw them live in 2007 and again in 2015. They kicked a** both times. Their live performances which have been released in large numbers recently are also absolutely incredible. Very few bands can perform as well live as they can, and his voice has held up fantastically given that is in his mid 60's. 

Tell me that is not an absolutely fantastic performance. (3:22 onward is when it gets good. )

Any other fans here? Tongue

Rush is good music!

Wouldn't call myself a fan, but definitely an approving listener.
gotta love rush! Big Grin whenever they come on the radio I can't help but want to jam out! lol
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2112 is one of my favorite albums!
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Not a ULTRA HUGE fan but for me is a MUST band not only for their high performance also their lyrics and philosophy views and thought about critical thinking <3
They have some very deeply philosophical songs for sure. And their songs aren't just about love or beer, which is nice. 

Was listening to this. This was less than 20 years ago. Many of the people I talk to are unaware that they are still around. Oh, they sure were until 2015. RIP neil peart.


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